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Mar 25, 2008 06:56 AM

Where can I find high quality lard?

Not the hydrogenated stuff, and preferably made from loin/kidneys aka leaf lard.
Can I find this anywhere for about the same price of butter? Any farmers market stand? Good pork stores?

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  1. Try Stinky's on Smith Street. I know the offer lard covered lamb chops and are pork connoisseurs.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Any carniceria--heck, any bodega with interesting meats in the deli case--in a mexican neighborhood. I got some in manhattan up in Spanish Harlem a couple of years ago, but I'm sure the same is true in Sunset Park. You really can't make beans without it.

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          I know, but all I ever see in any bodega is the hydrogenated kind.

        2. Flying Pigs Farm @ the Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza or Union Square on Saturday...great stuff.

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          1. re: savoryhash

            mmmmm.....that's some very very tasty stuff. so far superior to the bodega type that it's hard to believe it comes from the same animal!

          2. In the fall you can get it from Ray at the GAP farmer's market. His lard is leaf lard and v. good. For now, I guess it's flying pigs.

            Either way, it's more expensive than cheap butter but less expensive than very good butter. And it makes a great pie crust, esp when mixed with butter.