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May 12, 2002 09:35 PM

Cafe A-le ?

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Anyone ever been to Cafe A-Le (Wilshire and Barrington I believe)? I heard one good review but I want to know more....specific recommended (or not recommended) dishes, etc.

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  1. I have been there a few times, and the food has always been quite good, however the service is "less than" professional (both times we had waiters who were very inexperienced, but it was fine). For lunch I have had a rock shrimp sald with greens, candied walnuts, and delicious citrus dressing. For dinner, their crabcakes are good, and the ahi tuna tartare appetizer is really wonderful. As for entrees, I remember a very good lamb, miso adobo seabass, and duck (I had to taste everyone's dishes!!). I believe they have live music on Saturday nights. Oh, and the chocoalte souffle dessert is quite good, and not too sweet. Hope this helps!! Report if you go. :P

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      Thanks for the info - do you remember the price range? I will probably head over this coming wknd, as long as I can find someone to go with me. Essentially I am looking for some good restaurant to host a dinner in June and I am trying to branch out from my usual favs.

    2. My wife and I went to Cafe A-le a couple of weeks on a Saturday night and we were the only ones there! We were told that they don't have live jazz anymore becausee they can't afford it. The food was amazingly GREAT. We had the paper wrapped spring rolls and Duck which were delicious. I reccommend Cafe A-le and I hope people go to the restaurant before it's too late...

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        So since you were the only ones there, I suppose you had the best service? I'm more concerned about food though, and capacity -- I am having a dinner for about 15 people in June - do you think there's a space for 15-20 people? I'll report back after I've gone (hopefully this wk sometime.)

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          yes, definately enough room. dont know how much space you are going to reserve, but should be fine. and free valet parking!!

          1. re: Lauren

            Any info on prices there?

            1. re: Sedela

              You seem very inetrested in Cafe A Le, which is great. I suggest you call them and ask them to fax you a menu perhaps? And maybe they can even answer your questions about enough room, etc..