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Mar 25, 2008 06:55 AM

Cake or Cupcakes, midtown, hell's kitchen?

Today's my husband's birthday and I have done nothing for him. I'd like to bring home a delicious little cake or cupcakes. I work in midtown/Rock Center area. Any bakery suggestions that aren't too terribly far away? Thanks!

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  1. You mention HK in the subject - I'd go with Amy's

    1. Buttercup Bakeshop on 2nd Ave in the low 50's

        1. I'm not too sure if Amy's sell whole cakes if you just do a walk-in.
          The best cupcake sold in the neighborhood, imo, is the red velvet cupcake from 2 little red hens found in Dean & Deluca at Rockefeller Center. $5 for a cupcake's a little ridiculous but its his birthday!

          1. I also recommend Amy's, if you don't mind going further west. I've never been impressed by Cupcake Cafe.
            Edit: meant to say I've never been impressed by Buttercup Bake Shop (mentioned above). I've only tried Cupcake Cafe too long ago to remember, but it wasn't as bad as Crumbs.

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                Agreed! They are pretty to look at but tastes like sawdust. I think Amy's is your best bet in the hood.