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Mar 25, 2008 06:51 AM

"lunch club" recommendations

Some foodie colleagues and I go out to lunch once a month to a nice place ... so far we've tried Mio and The Source. Both were very good and exactly what we were looking for -- but, IMO, Mio was just as good as The Source and was much less expensive. We're trying to figure out our next place, does anyone have any recommendations in the DC metro area? Something perhaps not as expensive as The Source, but up there in terms of quality?

Much appreciated!!

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  1. I hear Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria has a great lunch deal (not sure of the exact price) but Eve is about as good of quality as you can get....and if you can get it on the cheap even better.

    Other places you might want to check out: Equinox, Butterfield 9, Acadiana, or Central. Also I think Blue Duck Tavern is open for lunch but I'm not positive. Possibly not all in the level of The Source (I haven't been) but still nice lunches.

      1. If you've not been to CF Folks for lunch, it's an absolute must!

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          I have and I completely agree -- it's great and I love their daily specials. Not exactly the ambiance we're going for with this club however -- and I don't think they have a liquor license?