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Favorite places to source your food, pantry, cellar...

St. Paul Farmers' Market
Mississippi Market
Bills Import Foods
El Burrito Mercado
United Noodle
Coastal Seafood
Golden Fig
Solo Vino
France 44

What markets am I not going to that I should be? Good sources for Indian would be good, I remember one along time ago in NMpls on Central.

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  1. CurryUp (Indian food grocer in Maple Grove)
    Kowalski's Uptown for their meat guys
    Costco (never been to Sams' so I don't know if there are any significant differences)
    Minneapolis Farmer's Market (opening for the summer April 19th!!!)
    The Wedge
    Cub (for the cheapest staples- kosher salt, pasta, tomato paste)
    Fishman's for challah (IMO the best in town)

    Wedge Community Co-Op
    2105 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

    Fishman's Delicatessen and Bakery
    4100 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

    Curryup Foods
    13601 Grove Dr, Maple Grove, MN

    Kowalski's Markets
    2440 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

    5801 W 16th St, St Louis Park, MN

    Farmer's Market: MPLS
    312 E Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

    Cub Foods: Store Information
    5937 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN

    1. oops, I forgot Ingebretsens, only go once a year for the sylta!

      1. I love getting marble bread, challah, and other fun things at Cecil's in St. Paul

        1. You should go to Shuang Hur grocery on Nicollet. It's like United Noodle, but less tidy and pretty. The shelves are just crammed with stuff. I love United Noodle too, but sometimes it's fun to go somewhere a little...dirtier.?

          Shuang Hur Oriental Market
          2710 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          1. Patel Grocery (Central) and East Asia Grocery (I think that's the name, next to Bombay2Deli on Central) both have Indian staple foods and harder to find produce. I still like the kafir lime bunches @ United Noodles best though. Always seem fresher.

            1. Holy Land for certain spices, lentils, rice, and other nummy things.

              I second Patel Grocery. It is at 18 1/2 and Central.

              Shuang Hur, as mentioned, is great. I just read in Minnesota Monthly that most Asian Groceries that have fresh tilapia get it locally, which Shuang Hur has. They have a great frozen seafood selection on the cheap. And great herbs on the cheap.

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                Clarification: Live Tilapia, not merely fresh, found at asian grocers locally is local. At least that is how I read it. Does Shuang Hur have a tank with live Tilapia? Which asian groceries around here have live tanks?

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                  Yes--both Mpls and St. Paul locations of Shuang Hur have tanks with live tilapia.


              2. It's not as good as Patel's but if you are looking for Indian ingredients go to TBS mart in Bloomington if that's closer to you. A great place to get things like 1lb bags of cumin for $3.
                Also Costco is 100x better than Sam's. The meat department is top notch especially on the weekends when they are constantly putting out fresh stuff and often have a counter with fresh seafood. Imported cheese is a great deal there. I got Jarlsberg for $4 and Rembrandt for $6 or $7 per lb.

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                  Sam's wine shop-not sam's club--sorry about the confusion (I usually only go there if I'm at MCFM on a saturday). And I haven't been to Global in a while, but I'm on my way over there right now to get new passports and do a little shopping. I'll report back

                2. thirding or fourthing patels (which is an indian grocery chain, & merchandise tends to be fresher with high turnover)

                  thirding or whatever shuang hur. there's a shuang hur on university in st paul but i prefer the one noy runs on nicollet.

                  holy land is great

                  mill city farmer's market (may 10th)

                  rustica bakery

                  wedge, seward co-op

                  surdyk's . . . i'll remember others later-- like when i'm headed there for stuff!

                  1. Here a link to a similar thread from the fall that might be a good resource: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/439171


                    1. Premier Cheese in Edina - Good but not huge selection of cheese and better prices than you would expect for 50th and France

                      Clancey's Meat and Fish in Linden Hills - They will not always have exactly what you are looking for but everything they sell is top notch

                      Kramarczuk's for sausages and Eastern European specialties- Get yourself a loop of the Krakowska

                      I'm partial to Broder's deli for Italian cheeses, salamis, breads, olive's ( Cosetta's is a bigger version of the same thing except I think the prepared stuff at Broder's is better )

                      Haskell's- I only go for their big sales and I always feel like I've gotten a good deal and been steered to some good cheap wines. (Note: I rarely spend more than $15 a bottle and am not a super refined palate )

                      MIDTOWN GLOBAL MARKET- It's got a little bit of everything and you can nosh your way around the globe