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Mar 25, 2008 06:01 AM

Ras el Hanout

I have some - what should I make?

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  1. this has been featured in 2 dishes thus far on Top Chef.....check and see if you can find the recipes on Bravo....

    1. You can add a pinch to a tagine for an extra dimension of flavor, in chicken b'stilla, rub it into minted lamb chops or even into a pork roast, sprinkle on couscous or buttered spaghetti squash. See what notes come out in your particular blend to find out how savory, sweet, fragrant it is and different ideas should come to you.

      1. I dust popcorn with it! Add it to vegetable sautes and chicken dishes.

        Friend uses it with garlic, coriander seed and red pepper in spaghetti sauce.

        A little bit goes a long way. You really just need a pinch.

        1. I second the lamb idea. I've rubbed it on lamb chops and then broiled or seared them. Yummy.

          1. I love it on chicken and lamb.

            I use it in tagines as well. Couscous salads and lentils. I've used it in carrot salads with good results.

            Also like it mixed with a bit of brown sugar, salt and pepper and use a rub on salmon for grilling.

            Will have to try that popcorn suggestion!