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May 12, 2002 08:45 PM

Crap Chefs at Crap brunches

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Whats with the lazy kitchens on mothers day... I had a RSVP for 12 noon at a place, it took them 30 minutes to seat me, and the food was terrible. my8 bill for 4 was almost 200 bucks after wine and tip, and yes we should all tip on the tax.... is it the chefs dont give a darn about the customer? the waiter told me that i should stick to the salads, and i would get my food quicker.

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  1. I have to agree that the food tends to stink on mothers days, but its mad up for by the great service, my waiter actually hugged my wife and said happy mothers day, and sorry that the kitchen was slow

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    1. re: calm down

      I have to agree, the waitstaff should not suffer because of the kitchens mistakes

      1. re: Vickie
        for the cooks out there

        "If I came to your house for dinner an hour late, then criticized all your funriture and your wife's haircut and said all your opinions were stupid, how would you feel? People expect a three-course meal in an hour. What do they think we do-pull rabbits out of a f@#cking hat? We are not magicians!

        p.s. what do you do in your career that is so perfect. Sell cars or pump gas. Next time stay home and show your mother some real love and cook for her. Or even better you work 12 hours until 12am on a saturday night and return at 6am on sunday morning and cook eggs (trust me making brunch or breakfast is the worst job ever beyond the dis-pleasure of having to cook eggs). This is the part where I usuall tell every off but I don't want this one deleted as all the rest of my posts have been.

        1. re: for the cooks out there

          gee guess thats one more chef thats hung over. I dont understand why chefs hate the customer so much, if they dont like cooking they should stay home, thank god for good waiters

          1. re: chefs choice
            for the cookies

            yea thank god for good waiters who can make those that generalze have a wonderful time. and who is the other 'hung over' chef I am the 'well hung' chef sorry you got them confused. I am not even going to address the 'hate' comment...

            but just give the cooks some love will ya' most brunch cooks are mexican, making 7$ an hour and work 2 jobs. If you want to point a finger blame the owners for your bad experience or praise them. Now I am not pushing the blame onto someone else, being a chef/owner, but it is the unreal expectations of an owner that generally creates a bad restaurant experience.

            we don't hate the customers just those of your generalizing mentality

            1. re: for the cookies

              well if the mexs dont want to cook, or if they are unhappy, let the be busboys, and they can get part of the tip pool

            2. re: chefs choice

              When I pay $29 per adult, $25 for seniors and $8 for kids between 5 and 12 for a brunch at a nice but not special restaurant, I expect both great and original food and great service. For brunches, most raw materials are inexpensive, and there is no excuse for either bad service or bad (or even pedestrian) food. If a restaurant can't serve all the people they expect, then they should accept fewer reservations and forego the greed. If I wanted a good breakfast for inexpensive money I would go to Denny's. So there is no excuse! I will never go back to the place we went Mother's Day.

      2. Nothing worse than bad service even worse bad food I went to a brunch in Foster City and because the meal was paid for in advance by a friend, the waiter decided that I did not need the service..I should have decided the waiter didn't need a tip but I overlooked the whole thing almost...

        Stanley E Roberts

        1. Ok, I'm just guessing here but Mother's day is probably tough on a kitchen for several reasons.

          It's a big holiday with EVERYBODY going out to eat, which means all the tables are filled all day long - tons of orders & a grinding amount of turnover.

          In addition, it's a FAMILY holiday - lots of senior citizens & small children...which means more than the usual amount of special orders that need to be accomodated (half orders, salt-free, stuff like that).

          Also, like on any holiday, most of the bosses are AWOL - they've earned the right to spend the day with their own families. That doesn't necessarily mean everybody then sees this as a chance to slack off, but most organizations don't function as smoothly when the day to day decision makers aren't around to keep the machine well greased.

          And finally, I suppose morale is always a little off on holidays. After all, even prep chefs have mothers & I imagine they'd rather be spending the day with theirs as opposed to making radish flowers for 8 hours.

          But all this is still no excuse for poor service & performance. It's just my view on the possible causes.

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          1. re: Dukkha Joe
            torta basilica

            Totally agreed - our Easter Brunch was not great - in a restaurant that normally is pretty good - it's hard to please everyone - tastes are different, you are not ordering your 'favorite' off a menu, rather trying to find it or a facsimile thereof in the buffet line, are catering to all ages/tastes, are serving for those impressed with quantity & also those impressed with quality - it's a no-win situation. I do all possible to avoid self-serve brunches on holidays.

            1. re: torta basilica
              for the cooks out there

              agreed to all
              there are no excuses
              and thank you for givein' the cooks a bit of love

          2. I must say I had a wonder mothers day brunch @ Rockenwagner.......
            Hans was in the kitchen, the waitstaff was bright & cheery (even at 10:30am) and all our needs were accomodated. There were many families there, especially new families which means many babies & the place was quiet & calm.
            The food was wonderful as well, one of my favorite brunch spots. I had smoked salmon w/white asparagus & apples (I don't remember the dressing but it was yummy) as well as poached eggs over crab salad & english muffins w/mornay sauce followed by almond torte (perfect) w/strawberry ice cream. My husbands food was also very good. All for $35pp, not cheap but well worth it.
            Just thought this thread needed some contrast.