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Mar 24, 2008 10:23 PM

great goat in SA/Hill Country?

We'll be staying in Bulverde and environs for a week, and I'm game to get as much goat as I can. Barbecue, Mexican, any way it's offered, because you can't get any in Berkeley unless it's Jamaican or Pakistani. Happy to accept all tips and pointers, TIA!

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  1. Hacienda Los Barrios has it and it wouldn't be too far away. Take 281 south and it's just before 1604 on (I think!) Redlands. It has a turn-off when you're going north, but I'm not sure about south. They have overall good TexMex, but my husband particularly likes their cabrito. El Chaparral in Helotes also has it, but if you go during the day you have to ask because it's on their night menu but you can still get it. It's on Hwy 16 just at the north part of Helotes--also overall tasty TexMex besides the cabrito.

    1. Coopers BBQ in Llano, Tx has FABULOUS cabrito.

      1. Mac and Ernie's in Tarpley has a great cabrito burger on their lunch menu.

        1. Yes Hacienda Los Barrios is on Redland Road.Go down US Hwy 281 South towards San Antonio.There should be a sign for Redlan Road on your left.Make a left turn,and flow the road.Hacienda Los Barrios will be on your right hand side.It's set off in a grove of trees, so watch for it.
          For me,to go there I get on Loop 1604 and get off at the Redland exit.Then turn right, and follow the road till I see it on my left hand side. This is if you are coming from the NE side out by Rolling Oaks Mall .
          I think Davila's BBQ,which is in New Braunfels and also in Seguin has it too,but not real sure.