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Mar 24, 2008 10:21 PM

Brunch in MSP

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get Sunday brunch in the twin cities, and by brunch I do mean buffet style. I know most don't associate buffets with good food, but if anyone knows of somewhere that has one they would consider very good I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I enjoy the Sunday brunch at Jax in NE Minneapolis. The food is good (not great), there's a nice variety, and the room is classic clubhouse-meets-ladies' luncheon. Also, if you make a reservation, they'll print up matchbooks with your name on them.

    1. The Sunday AYCE brunch buffet at 20.21 in the Walker is fun--especially if you can combine it with a museum visit. Personally, I wasn't blown away by the food as I'd expected to be based on Dara's City Pages review, but it was a notch or two above standard buffet food--and I love the salmon pizza they brought to our table. (They serve coffee, champagne, and the pizza to you at your table--the rest is all buffet style). Not inexpensive, though!


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        We loved the brunch at 20.21. I would consider the food very good, and the ambience is fantastic-- especially if you get a table by the windows.

        We also enjoyed the brunch at Santorini. (although it's been several months, and I've read a lot of slams on their nonbrunch recently). At least a couple dozen cold and warm salad options, tasting very fresh, along with entrees and desserts. Their food during the rest of the week isn't as good. They are closing soon, though.

        Not a big fan of the brunch at Al Vento. Options are far too limited for my taste.

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          RE: 20.21 I think the food is pretty good--falling short of even very good in my opinion-- and on the pricier side. It's solid, but not exceptional. A couple of the desserts were really not so great when I was there. Most of the rest of the stuff is pretty basic brunch fare, except for the pizzetta, which I thought was unique--Puck's signature, really. It's not a fantastic value, in my opinion, if that sort of thing matters to you (it does to me, I'm afraid). But, you're right, you can't beat the world-class venue of the Walker!


      2. I don't know that I would necessarily pick this place before others based on quality alone, but the food is at least good, and the scope and dearth of the choices are impressive. The Famous Dave's in Uptown (a place I don't otherwise care for) puts on a pretty good AYCE Sunday brunch, complete with free live music. The bacon is good, as is the cheese eggs. They have good french toast and pancakes, with praline syrup, fruit topping, and fresh whipped cream. They have a made-to-order waffle stand and made-to-order omelette stand. A bloody mary bar (for an extra price). Tons of salads and desserts. Something for everyone, and it doesn't suck. Tons of food.

        The food for Campeillo's brunch is better, but it's served family style at the table rather than buffet style.

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          The brunch at Kozlaks is a little pricey (21.95 I think?) but it's a great place to take family and it's a jazz brunch. However, for less expensive-I actually think Fabulous Fern's off Selby has a fairly good brunch buffet. It's not over the top but they have an excellent fruit selection (sometimes with more variety like mango, starfruit, etc), good standard coffee-cake type selections (everything from chocolate chip/banana to blueberry to cinnamon to lemon poppyseed), crisp bacon, solid egg dishes, french toast, and the list goes on (and desserts at a separate table)---$12.95 I think? Fairly reasonable.

        2. The brunch buffet at Dixie's on Grand has always tasted good to me, but it's a bit spendy ($20-25/ea)

          1. I 2nd the Jax in NE, very good buffet food, classic setting in this grand old place.