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Mar 24, 2008 09:28 PM

Kosher/Meat Chinese in Center City Phila

A friend of mine told me of a new Chinese place around 8th and Samson. He forgot any more details. Anyone have an idea of what he was talking about?

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  1. I heard that a new kosher restaurant there is being opened by the people who took over Maxim's in Cherry Hill briefly. Not the original owners, that made the great lamb shoulder, but the owners after that whom I heard had bad service and 'eh' food. There is a kosher meat falafel and schwarma place at around 8th and South, I think it's called Mama's Grill. Thank you.

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      Thanks for the info. I need to go into the city to check it out.
      I have been to Mama's Grill MANY times. MANY, MANY times! It is on the 6oo block of South.
      I found it quite by accident. I was headed to Jim's (yeah so not kosher, but that is a differant thread and board) Saw a sign on the street that said they sold fallefel and checked it out. I was THRILLED to find a kosher place on South Street and lets just say I haven't been to Jim's since!
      They do an amazing chciken kebob platterI So much food, but I sitll manage to finish it every time! It is SO GOOD!
      Yeah I know about Mama's Grill, but thanks for the tip!

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        I am confused by your response. I know where Maxim's used to be, near the Shoprite. I have been curious about the Chinese restaurant that replaced it. Is it any good now?

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          Sorry, that was confusing.
          Maxim's was first a great restaurant with good lamb shoulder.
          Second it got taken over briefly, still under the Maxim's name, not so good.
          Third it is now Lin Kosher Chinese which is as good as a nonKosher Chinese restaurant. I've heard the ribs are huge and great and they have a good lunch deal during the week.

          The people who owned the second incarnation of Maxim's are (I've heard) the ones opening the place at 8th and Sansom. Thank you.

      2. We are huge fans of Singapore as far as the vegetarian Asian options are concerned. They are on 10th and Race Street. Wonderful service, nice people, excellent flavorful food. They have a conservative hashgacha,

        I saw what looked like a new Maoz around, on 11th and Walnut Street. Not sure if that has certification like the other one. It looked bright and clean in there. It is supposed to have good falafel - usually a conservative hashgacha.

        We went to Maccabeam on 12th and Walnut. We went for a late lunch. The food was ok. They were out of most appetizers, since they aren't buying much or making much before Pesach. The turkey schwarma was very dry. The kofta was dry but flavorful. They were very nice though and we did have good service. The ambience is nothing special. When we went on Sunday, there was no sign for the store and was hard to find...but we saw today that a new sign has been put up.

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          I have been to New Harmony in Chinatown many times and really enjoy their food. I will have to look into Singapore. More Chinese options are always a good thing in my book!
          I have never been to a Maoz....I will have to look into it, but I do LOVE Mamma's Grill (and am in that area a bit more often)
          I haven't been to Maccabeam in a while, but I have never had a bad meal there. Yea, I wish it was a bit "prettier" but the food is always good.