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Mar 24, 2008 09:26 PM

San Diego - Best Food - Wedding

Hello CH. My S.O. and I are starting to plan our wedding in SD for next year. We are going to look at Paradise Point, The Dana, La Jolla Shores Hotel, The Loews Coronado -
Mostly water-front venues that will be Kid-friendly (No Torrey Pines or the Del) as most of our guests have kids under 10.

We have only been to 1 wedding in town...
so we are a little clueless about what the area has to offer.

Has anyone had experiences with any of the above mentioned places?
95% of our guests will be coming from out of town -- so Keeping it at a resort/hotel is pretty important.

We are talking about 125-150 people - so it's full catering.

Advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Check with the Hilton Garden Inn in Carlsbad. They offer full wedding services. The Inn at Rancho Bernardo is also nice. Both of these are in Northern San Diego.

    1. I got married at the catamaran at mission bay 3 1/2 years ago and it was lovely, the food was pretty good and the price was reasonable. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening!

      PS you might be better off with a bridal website for this, I think I used

      1. For big resorts, I would also suggest the Sheraton Harbor Island and the Hilton at Mission Bay. Both do a very competent job with weddings/banquets - and the Hilton has a nice little beach there. The Catamaran would be similar in price and has a nice location and price, but I'm not sure the food is as good.

        Another possbility is the Colonial Inn in La Jolla, where the restaurant 910 is located. I saw photos of a wedding once where they had the ceremony at Cuvier Park, just down the hill, and then walked up there for the reception. You could also do check out the LJ Women's Club, the Bridge Club at the Cove or the LJ Museum of Contemporary Art. There are several hotels within a short walk of those locations and the French Gourmet, in PB, can provide good affordable catering.

        1. I guess I'm in the same boat, although we haven't decided whether we're having the wedding in SD or not. This planning thing is starting to get to me and we became engaged only very recently.

          Even though you're looking to water-front hotels, the idea of kid-friendly brought to mind the Wild Animal Park. A good friend of mine works there and Mr. Geeky liked the idea of exploring it as a venue option. You're required to work with their in-house catering and there's some extra fees, one of which is that you have to pay admission for each of your guests (zoo members not excepted). For us, that's a budgetary impossibility, but if it works for you, then it would be a great place for kids and adults alike. I'm not sure how good the catering is, but I heard the fine-dining restaurant there isn't bad. Not the most fantastic chow ever, but decent.

          There's also a publication called San Diego Weddings (their issues are online along with hardcopy) and I was looking at the recent issue. Hotels and caterers advertise heavily, so you might find something interesting there.

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            1. re: geekyfoodie

              We are hooked on the water-front Idea
              and the HOTEL is really important because 98% of our guests will be from out-of-town.
              It's like hosting our own Destination wedding.
              We have walked through too many wedding set-ups and cocktail parties at the Catamaran - that bike path is just too busy!
              I was thinking about looking at the Hilton Mission Bay too...
              We have appointments to look at Paradise Point, The Dana, And the Loews.

              1. re: SRosie

                Congrats to both of you and I am myself in the same boat! I have been engaged about 3 weeks and have begun the venue site. Like you SRosie, we will have 75% or more out of town guests, and about 125 people. I really want a place that has an ocean front ceremony site, preferably up on cliffs or grass (like La Jolla/Del Mar area)...but now I am expanding to looking at bay hotels as well.

                I looked at L'Aubergie in Del Mar. It is currently closed (until June) for renovations but they will still do a tour. They seem to be very flexible in doing whatever you want/need and the chef from their restaurant (forgot the name) does their all comes from the same kitchen. He has been on the East coast going to different restaurants getting new ideas during their renovations. This is my favorite place, but we are still figuring out or budget.

                I was just looking at Paradise Point online last night and it looks very nice. Let me know what you think when you go look. Their menu looked very good.

                Does anyone have experience with the food at Estancia in La Jolla? This is another place I have considered. I heard the food might not be good though.

                1. re: lindsaytaylor

                  Estancia's beautiful, but no water-views.
                  I've been to a few events there for la jolla playhouse, but one - we ran out of food!
                  the other had passed apps - and most were good, except the chicken skewers.
                  I've also eaten in one of their restaurants and it was very good.

                  1. re: lindsaytaylor

                    Lindsay, for what you're looking for, I'd start with the Torrey Pines Hilton. The hotel's pretty nice... clean and luxurious. The views are insane. I've had work functions there and the hotel's food is pretty good. Plus, you're really close to the Lodge and there's good reviews of AR Valentien. From the area right past the lobby, you can see out to a gorgeous patio (great for ceremony), grassy area, then out to the ocean.

                    Congrats to you, too!

                  2. re: SRosie

                    We've been to the Easter Brunch buffet at the Mission Bay Hilton, too, and the food is pretty good. It's worth a look and the views are great. Paradise Point is beautiful, but I wasn't too sure about the views there.

                    I didn't say it in my first post, but congrats! Hope the planning goes smoothly. :)

                2. All fab ideas from other posters..
                  La Valencia Hotel is a gorgeous place to have a wedding..right in front of the big picture window overlooking LJ Cove/Pacific Ocean and then cater upstairs in the black and white room or the Florida room..
                  Grande Colonial Inn is another great place to get married..
                  La Jolla Shores Hotel or La Jolla Hotel would work too..I wonder if your not a member of La Jolla Beach and Tennis if you could rent the oceanfront 'Walnut Room'?
                  Wedding Bowl is famous for weddings outside oceanfront in LJ south of the seals..then have the reception at the Womens Club in LJ..gorgeous place..check the City of SD for rental..also, the LJ Bridge club too at LJ cove.
                  Crab Catcher has several private rooms with patio that has great seafood with parking that would work perfect for you..get married at the park then walk up to the restaurant..parking is key to this too..they have shuttle service from LJ Hotel to the village...
                  they are reasonable on Expedia or direct...
                  Loews is great because you can use the gondolas to approach the dock..
                  Bahia/Catamaran might be another option but some rooms in both hotels could use help.
                  Paradise is cool..Baleen is bayfront but pricey and good.
                  Best to you!