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Mar 24, 2008 09:23 PM

Looking for "Old Bay" spice mix

I live in the burbs and a number of the East Coast recipes I have been looking at (thanks Cook's Illustrated) have a spice mix called "Old Bay" that I have not been able to track down out hear. Rather than spending money on a case of the staff and shipping I am looking from my fellow foodies if there is a spot in town you know that carries it. Urban Fare, Granville Island. Since I have to come in from the stix I am looking for a one stop shop if at all possible.

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  1. Clubhouse make one version check out their website and go from there. Superstores carry alot of the clubhouse line maybe they might have some.

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      1. I bought some McCormick Old Bay seasoning at Superstore a couple of months ago. Maybe call ahead so you can make sure they have it in stock.

        P.S. This board is a western Canada board, so it always helps to post your location. I'm guessing you're looking for Vancouver. ;)

        1. This outfit sells it on line and state they will ship to Canada.

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