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Mar 24, 2008 08:48 PM

homemade coffee extract?

is that possible? or do i have to buy it, and if so what's the best?

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  1. I make an "extract" that is basically a strong brew, filtered. I don't recall the exact measure, but believe it is 3 Tablespoons of ground coffee, 1/2 cup boiling water.

    Place the coffee in a heat resistant container (a Pyrex measuring cup works well for this), pour the boiling water over to 1/2 cup measure. Allow to steep for 5 minutes or so. Strain through a coffee filter into another container (you should get about 1/3 cup *strong* brew. Adjust coffee measure to your need/preference. Refrigerate the remaining in a sealed container. Not sure how long it lasts, as I use mine for coffee ice cream.

    I can get the measure I use for you when I get back home on Wednesday.

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      Or you can make a much less acidic version (though it uses more coffee) by putting a ton of coffee and some water (sorry-- I tend to eyeball things) in a bowl, leave it out at room temperature overnight, and filter it in the morning. It makes GREAT iced coffee, or can be used as you would an extract. It tastes so strong but so smooth. I think I read that it's got 20% if the acidity of hot-brewed coffee that way.

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        My inlaws used to make very good coffee extract in a machine that very slow filtered it--definitely cool water was the way to go for smooth delicious brew.

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          Though a (short, too-quick) Google search indicates that less caffeine is extracted this way. Darn!

      2. A couple of links fyi.

        Cold Press:

        Hot press (creates an espresso, which can be diluted to standard American coffee or drunk/used as is):

        1. I believe you're referring to what's known as "Toddy Coffee", made via a "Toddy Coffee Maker". Here's Wikipedia's entry on Toddy Coffee: , and a link to the Toddy Coffee Maker:

          1. 250 g sugar
            20 g glucose
            50 g water

            water as needed

            200 g coffee powder

            cook sugar, glucose, and water to burnt sugar stage (yes the stage after caramel), add water water to thin out slightly, dissolve the coffee powder. this will keep for a long long time. burnt sugar is no longer sweet, acts as a preservative as burnt sugar discourages bacterial growth. add to milk or water and sugar as needed, perfect for iced coffee preparations.