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Mar 24, 2008 08:10 PM

Looking for a Good Indian Restaurant and a Falafel Place

Looking for a good Indian Restaurant for dinner. Prefer no buffets, but a nice sit down place. Also looking for a place to grab some falafel for lunch. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    1. re: jaberwock

      Anywhere really. I'll be downtown but will be able to get around.

      1. re: Codasco

        Gaylord is slated to re-open in April. Search for it if that is your time frame. If not, these are all over the map for Indian food since you give no preferred area. There is a big Indian pop in this city. I think if you really enjoy Indian stuff, and you have not been to Devon Avenue, you will surely be missing out on something special.

        India House - has a lunch buffet, but also a decent menu, and it is NOT a "joint"

        Tiffin on Devon*

        Usmaniya also on Devon*


        Vermillion -Latin-Indian fusion

        ***If you are looking for our Indian section of town, Devon Avenue E and W of Western is it.

        For a nice mid eastern place - they bill themselves as Persian
        Reza's on Ontario:

    2. If you are in the loop nothing is better than Oasis Cafe - IMHO the best falafel in the city - be warned a bit of a dive but excellent -

      1. For Indian downtown, I like India House on W Grand St.
        For falafel near downtown in Old Town, Old Jerusalem on N Wells St but nowhere near as good as actual Arab Quarter falafel in Jerusalem.

        Agree with the Devon St comments, it's fun and VERY ethnic. India Garden is where my Indian friends who eat meat take me.

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        1. re: jbontario

          There is also Klay Oven on Franklin by the Merchandise Mart and one of our favorites, Indian Garden on Ontario just east of Michigan Ave. As has been mentioned Devon Ave. is considered the mecca of Indian restaurants but there are many fine Indian restaurants throughout the area. Also in Evanston try Mount Everest for both Indian and Nepalese dishes. Don

        2. I've been consistently impressed with India Grill at 2258 N. Clark in Lincoln Park.

          Incredibly fresh and vibrant Indian flavors. Better, in fact, than anything I've had on Devon. I should perhaps caveat that by saying I've only been to two spots on Devon (can't remember names but I was assured by the people in the know who took me to them that they are among the best of the best), and India Grill was still considerably better IMO. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's best Indian food I've ever had (for that I'd have to go outside Chicago borders), but it's the best I've had in Chicago and of a high enough quality that I don't consider the trek up to Devon worth it if I'm interested primarily in the food. That all said, admittedly, India Grill does leave a lot to be desired in in the ambiance department, and it doesn't come close to approximating the Devon experience.

          It's also a BYOB, which is a nice bonus.

          Here's a review:

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          1. re: RaulDuke

            I second a thumbs up for India Grill. Unlike some of the other places, each dishes sauces have their own distinct taste (as it should be). Their samosa's are very good. My wife will only eats samosa's when we go to India Grill.

            1. re: citywayne

              RaulDuke, and cutywayne -
              India Grill sounds very much like a place I would be interested in for Indian take out when I don't have time to cook it myself. Would you mind listing some of the dishes you'd recommend along w/ guestimate prices? The location of IG makes it a place I should try out one of these days.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Looks like Menu pages has their menu:


                I second citywayne's recco for the samosas. Very tasty. ($3-4


                My other favorites there have been:

                Aloo Saag (spinach and potatoes). $10
                Baigan Bharta (roasted eggplant and tomatoes). $10
                Chicken Vindaloo. $10

                I've also had their lamb twice. Once it was fantastic, the second time only so-so (the other dishes listed above have always been consistently good, though).

                All their naan breads are excellent.

                1. re: RaulDuke

                  Aha! I see that the precise name of the restaurant is Indian Grill. (I had previously tried looking it up in menupages as India Grill, which doesn't work.)

                  1. re: nsxtasy

                    Sorry about that! Glad the confusion is cleared up, though. Hope you have the chance to check it out sometime.

                2. re: gordeaux

                  Saag paneer, it's one of my favorites. Any of their lamb dishes are good (I like lamb). Chicken Makhani is tasty. The tandori chicken is always juicy and moist. All dishes are around the 10 buck range. The Nann bread is wonderful when hot out of the oven. Take away might be a problem.
                  If you want to get a sampling, they have a lunch buffet on Saturday and Sundays for under 9 bucks. It's actually VERY good. Usually have samosas on the buffet too!

              2. re: RaulDuke

                Looks like this is where I'll be going, thanks to everyone for the tips.

              3. A friend recommended Khyber Pass. Is it any good?

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                1. re: Codasco

                  Khyber Pass is OK if you are located in the Oak Park area and don't want to drive downtown or to Devon. It is inferior to the other places suggested on this Post.

                  1. re: masha

                    I think there is a new Khyber Pass in the city which Codasco is referring to @ 233 E. Wacker Dr.
                    I have heard the food there is pretty pedestrian, but I have never been so I cannot say first hand.