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May 12, 2002 10:58 AM

Chinese clay pot dishes in San Gabriel Valley?

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Any recommended restaurants? My Chowhound and Google searches came up empty.

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  1. Querying the old database (my brain) comes up with a couple of things.

    The first one is really old information - Barbeque King on Valley, north east corner of Valley and Garfield in Alhambra. They had good many selection of clay pot dishes. Unfortunately, the restaurant may have disappeared with the demise of Garfield Theater on the same block. Not long after, the Shao Mei restaurant that was next door moved away with their Taiwanese treats.

    The second one is Luk Yue on Garfield on the north west corner of Garvey and Garfield in Monterey Park, right next door to the Hong Kong Supermarket. For a while, I avoided them because their rice tended to be dry and undercooked. I noticed a couple eating there that ordered one full of fluffy rice and mounded to the cover with cured meats and other delicacies! So I vowed to get one the next time I went. Although I don't remember which one I ended up ordering, it had really improved.

    But these dishes are not limited to specialized Chinese restaurant, I think you can find them at most Chinese restaurants in the SGV.

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    1. re: Kev

      Thanks for the tip from the old database (brain)!

      I took one of my Chinese-American friends (who's also a San Diego transplant) to Guelaguetza for mole on Saturday, and the experience fired him up for a quest for the best. He posed the clay pot question.

      He's discovered many resources in Monterrey Park, but just wondered if there's a place known for doing an exceptional job with clay pot dishes. Being so close to an area known for phenomenal Chinese food seems to beg the question. There must be a place that does a really good job...thanks again!

      1. re: KeikoG

        maybe it's in translation or something, but when i think of clay pot dishes, it's basically a bunch of ingredients (can be seafood, or meats) cooked in a clay covered pot till a lot of the broth disappears. intense flavors. it's hard to go wrong on these, as long as the main ingredients are things you enjoy.

        there seem to be these dishes in every single restaurant, it seems pretty universal. i did have interesting spicy versions at chungking restaurant on garfield, which is szechwan.

        1. re: Steph P

          Thanks for the explanation, Stephanie. My friend knows exactly what they are, but thought there might be an exception place for them.

          Me, however, I've only had a clay pot dish once at a Vietnamese/Chinese place in SD--the one claypot dish on their menu, so I'm probably more clueless about the range of options for the ingredients.

          Thanks for the spiciness tip--this friend can't tolerate spicy food too well--he's embarassed when the top of his head sweats and he has to dab it with a napkin. Of course, I think it's fun to watch, so maybe I'll suggest chungking ;)

      2. re: Kev

        Here's a Gold piece about Luk Yue from a couple of years ago.