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Mar 24, 2008 08:01 PM

Any ideas for Redding, CA?

I live in San Francisco and am heading to Redding for a week for business. I am interested in restaurant recommendations. Any type of cuisine would work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. None. It's been so long since I've been there...Sorry. The company I used to work for has an office there, though, if you call them (this may be awkward) and tell them a former Sacramento office employee said they could give you some recommendations, I'm sure they'll help - (530) 241-1228. I'm hoping someone actually posts recommendations for you, but you have this option if that doesn't happen!

    1. Thank you, gsshark, I may well give that a try! I haven't been to Redding since 1963 myself!!

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          Great, it helps a lot. I tried doing a search for Redding and it pulled up every mention of "red" ... good grief! Thanks again, you've saved me from chains!

        2. Also, for weekday lunches, try Carnegie's by the downtown Post Office or Millhouse Deli out on 299 west of town. We love the pizza at Millhouse too - but they only serve it on Friday and Saturday nights. Millhouse has Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat beer on tap right now . . . yummmm.

          There is a new(ish) Indian Place at Churn Creek and Hartnell called Priya that is open for lunch and dinner. I've eaten there twice and it was passable. The butter chicken was excellent. The masala dosa was a bit plain and the accompanying sauces lacked any flavor punch. Still, it's nice to have an Indian option in town again.

          I hope you're coming up here soon - it's really the prettiest time of year as all the flowers and green come out and there's still snow on the surrounding mountains.

          1. How adventurous are you? A week of eating out in Redding is a lot to ask. I posted about my favorite place (Racha Noodle) on the post linked by millevillemurphs. I would do a lot of eating there. After living in Redding for almost 5 years now (after living in the East Bay,) I've started to enjoy a few restaurants here occasionally for the sheer spectacle - food must be passable, but more of a social science experience. One place that fits the bill is called Giff's in a U shaped "strip" mall on Bechelli Lane, south of Cypress Ave. It's a hamburger/hot dog joint that's been there a really long time. A cop we know took us there. Their speciality is called "the ugly burger." It's a real hamburger kind of in an irregular shape - at least you know it wasn't frozen from Costco. The food is cooked on some type of indoor charcoal grill by a salty gentleman who always has a nice sized glass of beer in his hand. Burgers are good (bun was weak) and there is a "toppings bar" where you add whatever you want. Grilled hot dog was delicious and onion rings were proclaimed "the best ever" by a family member from out of town. Decor is heavy on Nascar... Some other passable daytime options - San Francisco Deli or Sandwichery for basic sandwiches or The Cheesecake Factory on Cypress by Safeway for salads. Nothing to write home about, but usually good fresh ingredients as these places do brisk business. One place I used to frequent but haven't in a long while (due to very slow service) is called Senor Rosas. It's a California burrito place on Hwy 299 West aka Eureka Way. They have a fair number of vegetarian offerings if I recall and not greasy like a lot of the Mexican places in town. If looking for Chinese, try Sailing Boat on Churn Creek. The family who run it are from Hong Kong.

            I'll post more later if I can think of anything else.

            I think the Hilton Garden Inn has refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms if you want to stock up from home...