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Mar 24, 2008 07:56 PM

Best Breakfast Place In Town??

What's the best Breakfast place egg dishes etc. in Austin or Williamson County. Also any Diners in town?

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  1. Kerbey Lane. But you don't want to travel far for breakfast. Please specify your hotel or neighborhood.

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    1. re: nosh

      I live in Cedar Park area. I don't mind a drive south for a good breakfast. I go to Hoovers on 183 sometimes.

      1. re: angelfoodmaker

        If you aren't being particular about ambience, the chorimiga taco at Jardin Corona in Cedar Park is really good. It's a little spicy and very full of flavor. Probably a ton of calories. The other locations don't seem to do it so well, though.

        I posted about diners several months ago and came up with nothing in this area.

        1. re: Rene

          Jose Corona in Leander which is owned by the same person is very good. A diner would be great in the Austin area.

    2. In Georgetown, the Monument Cafe is unbeatable. Nicer diner atmosphere, very clean and spacious. Locally owned and they use local or organic produce and milk. Lots of pancakes, omelets, serious oatmeal. If you're ever in town later in the day, a stop just for the coconut cream pie is worth the trip. Homemade and ADDICTIVE!!!

      1. The Omelettry and Austin Diner on Burnet are great breakfast spots. As the name implies, the Omelettry specializes in egg dishes. Austin Diner is also a classic homestyle breakfast place.
        If you're into Tex-mex breakfast (migas, huevos rancheros, etc.), the best place in town will soon be gone, so enjoy it before the developers knock down the building :( Las Manitas Avenue Cafe (yes, that's the whole name) is on the corner of 2nd and Congress. You'll find great food and lots of Austin history there... as well as a great breakfast.

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        1. re: Gleep

          The closest feel I've gotten to a diner in this town would be Star Seeds, but I wouldn't heartily recommend the place.

          I love Las Manitas! There's nothing quite like it for me.
          I also love Taco Deli for their yummy breakfast tacos. They have a migas plate for breakfast as well.
          Probably my favorite breakfast tacos ever come from the Tamale House on Airport Blvd (closed Sundays). There isn't much of a restaurant ambiance to that place. I would usually enjoy their tacos while sitting on the front step watching the traffic, and keeping my napkins from blowing through the parking lot.
          The Original Pancake House on Parmer Lane has an old-style breakfast place (almost diner-ish) feel. Their OJ is freshly squeezed. I really enjoyed their crepes and DH loved his pancakes and hash. We didn't try their eggs though.

          1. re: Hsien_Ko

            2nd the Original Pancake House, Parmer & Metric. Consistent, friendly, and enough pancake varieties to satisfy anyone. I like the migas. But don't get there after 9:45 am on a weekend, you'll have a long wait.

          2. re: Gleep

            Again, misinformation about Las Manitas. It's moving not closing down.

            1. re: Gleep

              The omelets at Omelettry are extremely spotty, which I've said on here before. If you're just going for an a la carte sort of breakfast or a simple ham and cheese omelet, you'll be pleased with the price and the food. Their pancakes are also excellent, and the coffee is strong, too.

              Austin Diner is pretty good. Big gringo-mex breakfast specials like enchiladas with eggs on the side, toast, and a pancake. Really kind service and charming atmosphere (Alton Brown would dig the place. There are a bunch of vintage coffee makers and waffle presses everywhere).

              I think the best breakfast deals are found at Stallion Grill near North Loop and Airport Blvd. Their cornbeef hash comes out of a can and is too salty. Their hasbrowns are the shredded variety which I've never liked. But their biscuits, home-style potatoes, ham, and eggs are great. I happen to have a menu here so let me quote you my two favorite breakfasts there.

              For $4.99 you can get a country ham steak, two eggs (which are huge for some reason), a buttermilk biscuit, and grits/hashbrowns/homefries. They're also one of the few places in town that does red eye gravy (ham drippings and coffee, something Homer Simpson would create).

              But their best deal is on biscuits and gravy. For $3.29 you get two biscuits cut in half and covered with delicious homemade gravy with big sausage chunks in it. I made the mistake of ordering this with a single scrambled egg on the side. I barely finished and had to go home to take a nap. A single biscuit halved and covered in gravy is $1.69.

              Of course, you could always fight the crowd and spend $13 for breakfast and coffee at Kerby Lane. I only go there when my parents are in town and want gingerbread pancakes. And when they're paying.

              1. re: KPeff

                Homer Simpson creation, you gotta be kidding! Red Eye Gravy? That is a traditional old southern delight which can't be found anywhere around here and so few people have a clue what it is. Is it tasty there? I haven't had it since my dad and grandmother both passed away over ten years ago. Grandmother would have been almost 100 years old today.... (Of course, I'm a young mid 40s). This posting is s such a find for me! I'm going there this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thanks, KPeff!

                1. re: KPeff

                  did I hear Red Eye GRAVY? Holy cow! I'm SO there. Yes, I'm passionate about the r.e.g.

                  1. re: amysuehere

                    I wouldn't recommend rushing to Stallion Grill for the food or the red eye gravy. I went this morning and was not very happy. I will report more later in a new thread.

                    1. re: angusb

                      Thanks for taking one for the team - I was considering going!

                      1. re: angusb

                        Something came up this morning and we couldn't make it so were rounding up the gang to go tomorrow! I will indeed look forward to your post and I echo Rudeboy's sentiments. You saved me a potentially nasty chow experience and the scorn of the gang. THANKS!

                    2. re: KPeff

                      I'm still a fan of the Omelettry, but maybe that's because I always order the vegetarian omelette :)

                      Definitely going to have to try Stallion Grill! I haven't had red eye gravy since high school.

                      On a related note, does anyone remember HighLife Cafe on 7th? They had crispy waffles and fluffy eggs (no omelettes that I remember, though) that they cooked with the steam from an espresso machine. Any recommendations for similarly spectacular waffles?

                      1. re: KPeff

                        Is the Stallion Grill a spawn of the old Stallion that was on North Lamar? The late-night last-resort cheap eats of my ill-spent youth?

                        1. re: chascates

                          I think the name is an homage to the old stallion, but don't believe they are actually related.

                    3. Counter cafe on Lamar, near Waterloo Records, is the best spot in town for steak & eggs, bacon, buttermilk buscuits and eggs benedict. Eastside Cafe also has fairly good eggs benedict and waffles. Breakfast Tacos at El Chilito on Manor and Taco Deli.

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                      1. re: wwiggins

                        Second on Counter Cafe. Their egg sandwich and counter benedict (eggs benedict with pastrami) are both extremely good. Place is tiny though--can be tough for parties of more than 2 and they open at 9am.

                        1. re: Carter B.

                          THIRD on the C. Cafe! And let's not forget that (to my surprise) the tortillas used in their breakfast tacos seem to be *hand-rolled*! Not that they have the greatest tacos, by any means, but they are passable and the tortillas make them noteworthy. If they'd jazz up their salsa (tacos are served w/a nondescript pico de gallo) I'd order 'em more often.

                          My favorite menu item, though, is the pimiento cheese sandwich, which you may order cold or griled. Try it grilled and it's a gooey cheesey bit of wonderful, served with red onion, lettuce, tomato. I usually get mayo on the side (homemade aoili, sometimes garlicky). Mayo is hit or miss but when it's on, soo worth it.

                          1. re: femmenikita

                            We ate at Counter Cafe yesterday for breakfast (served all day on Saturday and Sundays) and my friend had the tacos and the tortillas most definitely came from a bag. Still the tacos were good and we jazzed them up with some Sirachi (sp) sauce to give them some heat.

                            1. re: Carter B.

                              I know Carter B., I was devastated there on Saturday! I went to CC and these were NOT the same tortillas used the last couple of times I tried the tacos. The waitress (owner?) teased me that she'd "see [us] next weekend" and I vow that when I go back I'm going to get to the bottom of this tortilla thing. Maybe they use homemade til they run out or only use them when they have time to make 'em.

                              1. re: femmenikita

                                We were there right at 9am and it was straight to the bag for tortillas. Maybe there normal tortilla maker was out or maybe they didn't have the right ingredients.

                      2. I need to try the Stallion, both for breakfast and lunch.

                        I know I've posted this before, but for diner-style breakfast, I think the Frisco Shop and Dan's Hamburgers are very good options. I have had mixed luck at Austin Diner.

                        If you're ever in the mood to stuff yourself silly, the Orlando's Plate at Taco Shack is great. Big plate of fresh eggs, sausage, and chorizo scrambled together and topped with cheese. You also get beans, potatoes, sliced avocado, and tortillas.

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                        1. re: mkwng

                          the biscuits are excellent at the Frisco, and the waitress will call you hon. I like the omelettery on a weekday, its just not worth the wait on a weekend.