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Mar 24, 2008 07:55 PM

Leaving the USA, Give Me Three Places To Eat

We are taking my daughter and son-in-law to NY for a short trip before they leave the USA for three years, (he's a Marine Officer, heading to Europe). They are accomplished Chowhounds,(Inn at Little Washington, French Laundry, etc.) Where would you suggest they dine in NY? I would think a high-end place or two and maybe something that represents the real NYC, (I'm a native). Appreciate your advice.

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  1. It may help if you tell us where they have been living and to what country they are headed...
    My suggestion is BBQ, something you're not likely to see in Europe...my pick would be RUB. Same with Deli-Katz's is the obvious choice there.
    Blue Hill would be a nice higher end choice-since they favor local ingredients, etc. But I think that will really depend on where they are going.
    Best of luck to them.

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      If money is no object, I would highly suggest the obvious top rated Per Se (French Laundry's owner, Thomas Keller) if you can get a reservation.

    2. If they are going to Europe, perhaps you might want to stay away from the high-end continental classics like Eleven Madison Park and opt for something more American or more on the innovative side: Park Avenue Winter, Keen's, davidburke&donatella. Although good Mexican is pretty hard to get in Europe, so you might want to also consider places like Pampano, Centrico, Hell's Kitchen or Crema.

      1. I agree with Per Se & Katz's. Also, how about a bagel from H&H Bagels and either lox and/or smoked whitefish from Zabar's?

        Best of luck & may they return home safely.

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          A very New York Steakhouse would get you a combination of New York, high end (at least, high price) and the kind of food you won't find in Europe. Someone suggested Keens which I highly recommend, or, if you are willing to cross the river, Peter Luger's might even be better.

          Another just across the River suggestion (pardon me for this, moderators) is the River Café. The food is quite good, although certainly not up to NY's best (especially at their relatively high price point), but the atmosphere is wonderful and the view of the East River and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges is just spectacular.

        2. Based on the reports of young friends in who've been in a similar situation, the things they're likely to miss the most are really good hamburgers, NY deli, real bagels, and whatever ethnic is not indigenous to wherever they are going. The friends who were in Japan missed Eastern European type foods. The one's in Germany missed Italian and Asian (this was a while ago). Somehow, it's not the very fancy foods people miss, it's the every day staples.

          1. Having read your suggestions to this point and doing some research through this board, I think Babbo might hit the spot for Italian. I thought about Il Mulino, Patsy's or Minetta Tavern for New York Red Sauce Italian but I believe Babbo is safer, IF I can get them a reservation. I know they like sushi, so I thought of Yasuda or Nobu, (they've been to the branch in Vegas, for what it's worth) but high-end? Per Se? Daniel? Jean-Georges??

            As for Katz's, John's Pizza (Bleecker) and Barney Greengrass, I've got them covered as we can take the grandkids there for lunch/brunch.