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Mar 24, 2008 07:35 PM

Little shops/food places to visit on Vegas free days

Hello all. As the title says, me and my family are going to be in Vegas in the coming days, and we have eventful evenings with shows and restaurants, but we have blank days. As a lover of food, my father and I hope to walk around the strip in search of different things to do, and more specifically, food shops. Already, we have Jean-Philippe P√Ętisserie on our list. What other small food journeys should we make to occupy our time?

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  1. on the strip only ? might as well go overboard on the sugar and hit payard at caesar's also chocolate swan at mandalay ...i'm sure paris has a pastry place too ( i'm not sure the name ) and bouchon has a bakery at venetian ( maybe .worthwhile for lunch or afternoon snack....foie gras terrine ...anyone ? or maybe some fresh shellfish ? )....let's hear about some of your dining plans !!! is the focus on high-end ?

    you may have noticed the trend for high-end burger places has hit the Strip , too got burger bar at mandalay, strip burger at the fashion mall and the burger place at paris ( name escapes me )

    for the " lower - end " treats ...go for a nice long walk and hit peppermill ...either the loung for a drink or for an early walk try the fruit plate ....or at that end of can try the 50 pound hot dog at slots -o-fun !!!

    happy eating !!

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      Ah, sorry about the lack of details :/. On Wed., we will be having the Bellagio Buffet, on Thurs. we are dining at Eiffel Tower, and Fri. we are having dinner at Burger Bar. Again, all lunches are open, and we are seriously considering Lotus of Siam, as my dad and I love that kind of food.