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Mar 24, 2008 07:28 PM

Oak Park/Forest Park Sunday Brunch Recommendations

I am staying in Oak Park this weekend and am looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch on Sunday before heading home. Does anyone have recommendations for a good "foodie" place in the area? No chains or diners please.

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  1. I used to like Winberies Sunday Brunch. Haven't been in ages. It was a pretty good spread with an omelet station, waffle station, and pasta station:
    Cafe Winberie
    151 N Oak Park Ave (SW corner of Oak Park Ave, and Lake st)
    Oak Park, IL 60301
    (708) 386-2600

    1. Winberies is a good Sunday brunch recommendation. Another one I have been to is at Flat Top Grill. It's not exactly a brunch but it's all you can eat design your own pancakes, waffles, scrambles, omelets, etc...

      1. For a true Oak Park experience, try the Buzz Cafe on Lombard Street, just south of Harrison in the Harrison "Arts District." This is a funky, community restaurant with good food and a distinct vibe. Menu varies, but includes omelettes, wraps, French Toast. Coffee is excellent.

        Or for a Southern/ Cajun alternative, try Wishbone, on Roosevelt Road (technically in Berwyn, accross the street from Oak Park). This is technically a "chain," as it is one of 3 Wishbone restaurants in the Chicago area. But it is local, and food is good and moderately priced.