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Mar 24, 2008 07:10 PM

Mexican Grocery in PVD?

After years of exile in Milwaukee, I'm finally back in Rhode Island. One of the few things I miss about Milwaukee are the Mexican grocery stores. While in Milwaukee, I got used to shopping at the El Ray Super Mercado and taqueria. They made fresh corn tortillas throughout the day and you could eat yourself stupid for about $8 at the in-store taqueria. I've found more than a few markets that sell to a Puerto Rican or Dominican clientele, but no Mexican markets. Can you help me NEChowhounds?

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  1. If you're specifically looking for a market with a taqueria in it, you can should over to Piaxtla Tortilleria on Atwells Ave at athe corner of Atwells and Academy. I've reall enjoyed their tamales in particular, ad the store itself is very well stocked. As you might guess, they do make tortillas in the back, so they're fresh as can be. As far as markets that stock Mexican ingredients, Piaxtla is good but there are too many more to list. Just head to the West Side and Olneyville, walk around and pop into any corner store. You'll find the basics pretty quickly.

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      You can pretty much swing and hit a Mexican market in Olneyville. Ditto the recommendation for Piaxtla - fantastic tortillas.

    2. West Side and Olneyville? I've been looking on the south side. Thanks for the tip; once you have fresh tortillas, those perfect pillows of corn, there's no going back to those nasty supermarket tortillas.

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        While you're in Olneyville, if you haven't checked out El Rancho Grande on Plainfield, I highly recommend it. Great authentic Mexican food for astoundingly low prices.

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            Piaxtla tortillas are oddly sweet...we stopped buying them after a couple of times. I don't mind Cinco de Mayo though.

            La Poblanita on Academy (between Atwells and Chalkstone) also has a good selection.

            Judging from the crowd at El Rancho Grande, I wouldn't be surprised if the prices started rising now that the non-Mexican crowd seems to visit a lot. Good food, but sloooooowww....there was only one poor woman taking care of the entire restaurant.

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              I was there on a Wed night around 6 pm, and the place was packed, with only one server. There were two tables of 8+ (mine included). Suprisingly, though, the service was relatively prompt. They did forget one item, but quickly resolved the issue.

              The food was amazing and the value for the dollar can't be beat.