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Mar 24, 2008 06:54 PM

Whole wheat tortillas with olive oil?

Does anyone have a recipe for whole wheat tortillas made with olive oil? It would be nice if these can be made with 100% whole wheat flour instead of the 50/50 mixes I've found thus far.

There is one via Google that looks along the lines of what I would like, but I'm not sure whether they'd turn into crackers the next day:

I'm an awful baker (or Anything to do with Flour Maker) and know very little about the science behind it, so if such a recipe is not possible, do tell! I appreciate all your help! Thank you.

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  1. Go ahead and experiment. Indian chapattis are made with whole wheat, though there preferred brands are finer than the typical ww flour with coarse bran flakes. White whole wheat might a closer substitute. Also the amount and type of fat is variable. Traditionally Mexican tortillas use a generous amount of lard; chapattis can be made without any fat, or just enough oil to improve handling.

    One option is to make several batches following the recipes, so you get a feel for the technique (kneeding, resting, rolling, grilling). Once you have a feel for the basics, then experiment.


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      I agree that chapati/atta flour is much finer than our whole grain wheat flour. I think it also might have less gluten, since it is less resistant to rolling. You can see the difference if you make roti/chapati dough with entirely whole wheat. If it is our flour, it is stiffer than if you use atta flour. I like the flavor of our whole wheat better, but I prefer how the atta flour handles. I also prefer the flavor of chapati made with whole wheat and not a 50/50 mix with white, which just seems dilute to me. I agree with paulj. You must try it and see which way you like it, especially with the fat. I hate it at the top end of fat for a tortilla, and much prefer it it with a modest amount or even none.

      I can't offer a thought on the recipe link you gave. I've never used leaven in a chapati bread. I always make it without and let the heat from the pan puff it (as with a corn tortilla), but doing that can depend on one's skill in rolling and handling it and moderating the heat.

    2. Can you read Spanish? Here is a recipe for whole wheat + toasted bran:

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        I do read Spanish! Thanks for the link! Would it work with whole wheat flour instead of harina de trigo? Or would I have to up the oil?

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          I think so... I didn't realize they weren't starting with Trigo Integral... I am not 100% certain but I do believe the wheat growing regions in Mexico where Triguenas are popular do start with whole wheat flour (same as used in the Pumpkin Empanadas)... my relatives use the following brand: