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Southside Thai

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After perusing these boards endlessly, all of the thai restaurant recomendations are either on the north side or the far north side.

Anyone have any southside Thai recommendations or even westside thai recommendations?

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  1. Not sure what you consider 'westside', but there's a few that are pretty good that aren't on the north side.

    Yum Thai on Madison in Forest Park
    Benjarong's on Mannheim & 22nd Street in Hillside
    Thai Orchid on Roosevelt Road in Lombard

    Hope one of these works out for you!

    1. There are lots of decent, cheap Thai places in Hyde Park. My favorite was Snail, but Thai Twee and Noodles, Etc. are good too. These are not in the same league as TAC Quick, etc., but they feed a Thai craving on the south side.

      1. Siam Marina in Calumet City is very good

        1. My employees rave about Chi Tung, at 9560 S. Kedzie in Evergreen Park.

          They serve Thai, Chinese, and Japanese, so take that as you will.

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            lol - I think that on Check Please!, that was the "If it looks like a shrimp, and tastes like a shrimp, then it's a shrimp" place.

          2. I second the thoughts on hyde park... by my count there are at least 4 thai places in HP

            1. The problem with your question is that you're assuming the Thai places rated so highly on the North side are done so at the exclusion of Thai in other parts of Chicago. There are enough Thai restaurants hidden around the city that I'm sure a few have been overlooked, but one would have to eat a lot of mediocre pad thai to discover them. Hyde Park isn't known for it's Thai food(or for other cuisines for that matter). Chi Tung is great if you enjoy middle of the road pan-Asian food catering to a suburban palate. I suggest you make the trip to the rightfully-lauded Thai restaurants mentioned in other threads.