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Roving Chow Fest - Head Count Requested

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Only three more weeks till the Roving Chow Fest on June 1, are you dieting in anticipation?

We would like to get some sense of how many 'hounds may show up, so we can sort of forewarn the venues, and possible "reserve" some space.

'hounds who are planning to show up at the Roving Chow Fest, kindly post your intentions here. Please be a bit specific, i.e. are you planning to be at all of the venues, or just certain ones.

Thanks in advance, and we are really getting hyped up about being able to see our 'hound brothers and sisters on the hunt.

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  1. One plus a friend. I'll be showing up and at Langer's and staying until Panos.

    1. Two sisters plus one dog for the following:
      Mr. Cecil's

      Here's an itinerary brief:
      9:30 Dupar's
      11:30 Langer's
      1:30 Mr. Cecil's
      3:30 D'Amore
      5:30 Caroussel
      7:30 Panos

      And here's the link to Chino Wayne's original post with all the details

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      1. Count me in for dinner and dessert only.

        1. Please put my friend and I down for the first two (Dupar's and Langer's).

          1. v
            Vanessa On The Town

            Me + 1 for Mr Cecil's Ribs

            1. t
              torta basilica

              Let me know if you ever do OC - could probably sneak away for a day if it weren't so far - have a great time - sounds like tons of fun!

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                If we ever do one for the Palm Springs area, I will expect you to speak up as one of our planning consultants, because you seem to have that area nailed.

                Think about it, dining and indian gaming...

                1. re: Chino Wayne
                  torta basilica

                  That's scary - unfortunately, it would be a very short fest - Morongo Casino to Hadley's to A&W? I love the PS & PD (& OC & Hawaii & Europe), but it is a desert out there for Chowhounds... especially if you are looking for something reasonable & good. Thank God for Jensen's!

                  1. re: torta basilica

                    Tell me more about Jensen's, I got the Mrs. trained to avoid the indian casinos (we go to the real thing across the border), but we do make shopping trips to Cabazon, then end up driving all over hell and gone between PS and PD, and usually end up at Tony Roma's in PD.

              2. I will be there for DuPar's and Langer's, maybe back for dessert. I am soooo excited.

                1. Count me + 1 for Langers & Cecil's. Maybe later if you all meet for cocktails.....(Tiki Ti's?)