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Splendido - Top 10 in North America!

I just came across an article which listed 'Opinionated about Dining' survey's Top 100 restaurants in North America and Europe. Splendido came in as Number 10 with 105 points. Others in the top 10 include three Michelin three stars. They are French Laundry,111 points; Jean George,109 points and Per Se, 107 points. One of my favourites, Alinia of Chicago also make the top 10 with 106 points.

After just coming back from an overseas trip to the Orient where I had a chance to sample some Michelin star quality food from the kitchens operated by 3* chefs Gagnaire, Ducasse and Robuchon. I must say that even though a Michelin two stars like Tokyo's L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon might pay greater attention to detail to their dishes ( may be a whole team of chefs with syringes in hand to apply the finishing touches! Ha! ). Based on my previous dining experiences at Splendido, David Lee's cooking in the most part is more delicious! And ultimately, I think this is the most important criteria to us foodies! Hope Splendido can sustain this high standard until the Michelin guide comes to town!

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  1. I've never heard of that restaurant ... where is it? Wow - I must be out of the loop! Do you have a link to that survey?

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      In my opinion, Splendido is Toronto's best restaurant that delivers the complete package ( ie food, wine, service and ambiance ). You may visit their website at www.splendido.ca. As for the link to the survey, its www.opinionatedabout.com
      If you are visting, do give them a try! Happy Chowing!

    2. Spendido is in Toronto (Canada)

      88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

      1. Hi Charles, any other restaurant in Toronto make it to the Top 100 ?

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          Hello skylineR33. I think Susur came in # 43 with 98 points

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            Just two Canadian restaurants are rated. Nothing from the west. Montreal is mostly francophone, so few potential reviewers would read Plotnicki.

            The lists are centred heavily on the U.S. and Europe, but when this appears in book form it should get a lot of attention.

        2. Hi Charles, is it possible to view the list without signing up?

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            If you scroll down to his March 12 entry, it has his list. I couldn't find it within the forums.


          2. I commented to some friends recently that IMO David Lee was the most underrated chef in Toronto - yet everybody seems to agree that Splendido is the best resto in Toronto.
            I guess I agree with you!
            But, to be fair, the OA Poll does put both Gagnaire & Ducasse (original versions) ahead of Splendido. I was VERY disappointed with Gagnaire - haven't been to Ducasse.
            DISCLOSURE: I was one of those who contributed to the poll! But I will not respond to any questions on the poll, except for my personal comments which I would have posted anyway.

            1. In a party of two, can one order the taster's menu and the other from the regular menu?

              I was quite disappointed with Colbourne Lane that we couldn't do that.

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                The list is available in print. I purchased it yesterday in Newton, Massachusetts(USA). Very happy to have a reservation at Splendido this weekend.

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                  Not many restaurants will allow a table to mix the taster's and regular menus. I've been to many and have only seen it allowed a couple of times. Besides, why would you want to? I personally think it ruins the ambience and experience if someone is getting 5/6 courses and others at the table are not.

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                    In my case I'm one of those picky eaters who have difficulties eating certain foods (bitterness and texture issues) so tasters menus for me aren't a good idea. I have no idea what I'd be getting and it would be a waste of money. My girlfriend on the other hand is a chef and loves food. For her a tasters menu is excellent.

                    I don't mind waiting while she's eating a course that I'm not part of. Chances are I may be able to sample a bit from her plate. Otherwise I'm perfectly okay to wait as long as the spacing is done right.

                    As I said, Colbourne Lane wouldn't do that despite me saying it was okay.

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                      Their multi-course tasting menu as well as their a la carte/table d'hote menu are both posted in their website www.splendido.ca. You can check ahead to see whether the dishes proposed are in agreement with you taste. Furthermore, the owners ( Yannick and David Lee ) are most accommadating when it comes to pleasing their patrons. No doubt they will go out of their way ( within reason ) to satisfy your needs. Just ask! Happy chowing!

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                        I called last night for reservations and confirmed that they will allow mixing of the menus for patrons. I didn't ask if that was contingent on table size though. We're just a party of two.

                        I have been checking Splendido's site regularly to see when there are enough dishes I can select from to justify going there. There are several dishes on the March menu that I can eat. Hopefully the April menu, if there is a different menu, will either have some new items I can eat or carry over some of the March menu items.

                        As for modifications to the dishes I generally don't do that all too often since I'm not allergic to anything, I just have difficulties with bitterness and certain textures.

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                          You won't have any problems at Splendido. They're very accommodating and super attentive towards any restrictions you may have. My SO ordered off the menu (app, entree & 2 desserts) while I had a customized tasting menu (dairy free). It was fantastic from start to finish. Somehow they timed the dishes so he was never left waiting for me before his next course came. I can't completely recall but I think they brought him a second amuse bouche to enjoy in between somewhere. The night's a bit fuzzy, we over-ate, over-drank and over-indulged ;-) I do remember waddling out the door thinking we definitely need to do that again!