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Mar 24, 2008 05:51 PM

ideas for using up potatoes

I just boiled up some potatoes that needed to be used before they went bad and I'm looking for some ideas for using them that are a little more interesting than just mashed potatoes or potato salad, so any ideas that you have would be welcome. A few guidelines:

-it would be great if your recipe wasn't too heavy, i.e. tons of cream or cheese or bacon
-minimal ingredients would be preferred as would minimal prep
-something that would keep well in the fridge would also be great

I was thinking of doing something with peas... maybe something Indian inspired like a sautee with curry flavors but I'm really curious to see what other ideas people might have.


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  1. I say dice and fry those suckers up with some chopped onion for home fries in the morning with your eggs; hopefully, that is not too heavy a suggestion!

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      Or shred with onions and pan fry to make hash browns. Add bits of green pepper if you like, or even some of the peas. Be sure to let crisp up on one side before flipping.

      Light potato salad? Mix some chopped onions, sweet pickle relish, celery, cucumbers (seeds removed) and light or regular mayo along with some mustard. Use as little mayo as you desire. Certainly can add some par boiled peas and carrots if you like. Add some chopped tomatoes at the very end and some parsley on top.

    2. I would consider making a mustard potato salad. Those are easy on the mayo and the other ingredients aren't too heavy at all. You could package it in small tupperwares to bring to lunch this week.

        1. I made a potato and collard salad that was really good last week. Had a bit of bacon in it but I didn't put as much as the recipe called for and it was still good. It was dressed with a mustard vinaigrette and had no mayo: mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil and some green onions.

          I also recently made a potato and rosemary pizza. This is a favorite of a pizza crust with olive oil, sea salt, thinly sliced potates and chopped rosemary.

          1. Potatoes with masamba. Masamba is greens (we use collards or kale) with peanut butter mixed with salsa over it. It's an African dish from Malawi.

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              thanks for explaining masamba (i asked about it on another thread -- about greens). peanut butter mixed with tomato salsa? seems odd to have salsa in the dish. is that a newish dish in Malawi?