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Mar 24, 2008 05:50 PM

Challenge: I need to find warm space to hold large rehearsal/ out of towners pre- wedding dinner where the food is excellent. It can be moderately expensive, upscale. Most of the wedding guests are coming from California. We might have as many as 100!

Groom's family is throwing this dinner, but needs ideas. Perhaps take over a whole restaurant? A large party room in restaurant? Food needs to be good, but need not be the main focus....Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try renting out Compass.

    1. might try Etc. Etc. I am not sure exactly what the private room looks like, but the food will be great.

      1. Michael's on 55th Street! The garden room is Beautiful.

        1. Ive been to an engagement party at Frank's on West 16th Street..It was perfect; we had the back room to ourselves!

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            Unfortunately Frank's is no more (as that NY magazine item indicates). It closed around New Year's.


          2. I had an entire restaurant for my rehearsal dinner a couple years ago, but that place might be a bit small for that many. However, I went to a private party a Metrazur in Grand Central, right at the top of the east staircase, overlooking the main concourse. A great NYC atmosphere.