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Challenge: I need to find warm space to hold large rehearsal/ out of towners pre- wedding dinner where the food is excellent. It can be moderately expensive, upscale. Most of the wedding guests are coming from California. We might have as many as 100!

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Groom's family is throwing this dinner, but needs ideas. Perhaps take over a whole restaurant? A large party room in restaurant? Food needs to be good, but need not be the main focus....Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try renting out Compass.

    1. might try Etc. Etc. I am not sure exactly what the private room looks like, but the food will be great.

      1. Michael's on 55th Street! The garden room is Beautiful.

        1. Ive been to an engagement party at Frank's on West 16th Street..It was perfect; we had the back room to ourselves!

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            Unfortunately Frank's is no more (as that NY magazine item indicates). It closed around New Year's.


          2. I had an entire restaurant for my rehearsal dinner a couple years ago, but that place might be a bit small for that many. However, I went to a private party a Metrazur in Grand Central, right at the top of the east staircase, overlooking the main concourse. A great NYC atmosphere.

            1. Alta would do a great job. I had my rehearsal dinner there and the staff was great. They even had drinks made (the crazy red sangrias!) before our guests got there. I think they would charge around $20,000 flat to take the whole restaurant (that would include as much food as you would need), but definitely call for a quote. Their small plates are Mediterranean-influenced and very delicious. And you wouldn't have to bother selecting a menu for your party; they just bring everything on their current menu.

              1. Go with The Harrison in Tribeca. Done.


                1. i recommend Village. it's in greenwich village at 62 w9th st villagerestaurant.com
                  wonderful neighborhood french bistro that does rent out the whole place to large parties quite frequently for just your type occasion. the chef is a local favorite who was the chef for odeon for years and years before opening Village about 8 years ago. i've had a few parties there and they will work with you to create the perfect menu. i can't sing enough praises for this place. i think its capacity for a seated dinner is 125 or 150, not sure. but its def big enough for 100 and its surprisingly very reasonable for renting out the whole space, especially in nyc.

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                    I would second that - Village would be perfect.

                    1. What about Foley's Fish House at The Renaissance in Times Square? Aside from the food being good, the view of Times Square is incredible for out of towners.

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                        I believe that Foley's Fish House closed.

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                          Oh you are right! When did it close? It was one of the very few exceptions to a restaurant with a view having good food!

                          Thanks for the update!

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                            Not sure when...I just remember reading not that long ago that it closed. I had only been there once.

                      2. I love Beacon at 25 West 56th Street. Warm, welcoming place, woodfire roasted food is delicious and they have plenty of private space.

                        1. I had my rehearsal dinner at The Park. I wouldn't say that the food was excellent but they did a really good job. we were about 100 people as well and i was really concerned about having my own space and keeping it in a cool location. They have different rooms and since it was in the summer/fall we were on the roof in the "penthouse" area. depends on how formal you want it to be a guess.
                          Another place i seriously considered was Crispo - don't remember what the limit of people was...

                          1. you might try Keen's Steakhouse...they have lovely very warm old-NY private rooms upstairs...not sure if any of the rooms can hold 100 but you might be able to take over two adjacent ones, which might be fun -- they have fireplaces, great vibe

                            Il Giglio in Tribeca might be fun too...whole place might seat 100 barely...excellent NY Italian -- Caesar salads, fantastic antipasti, wines...upscale and charming...