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Mar 24, 2008 05:27 PM

Dine In Brooklyn 2008 Reviews


Any Dine In Reviews so far?
I went to Ici for dinner today and it was delicious. Had the poached shrimp, friend had the garlic and potato soup which was the best, although the shrimp and the slaw with it was delicious. Wild Salmon with a Romanesco sauce was also very delicious. The best dessert was the chocolate tart, although the key lime mousse was also nice.

Got reservations for Applewood and Rosewater later this week. Wondering if there are any others I shouldn't miss or could walk-in for at the bar.



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  1. My chef husband and I had an awful experience at korhogo126 last night during restaurant week. The service was harried and slow, considering there were only two other tables in the restaurant when we got there this was unacceptable. At a restaurant of this caliber I do not expect the server to come and check to make sure the order was right two other times after writing it down as she took it. Our food came out severely overcooked, Escargot and Lamb for him, Calamari and Salmon (Well done not Mid-Rare as ordered) for me; except for the “rice ball” which was still frozen in the middle. A real mish-mosh of flavors. The best parts of the dishes were the vegetables, even my garbanzo beans, that were clearly Goya out of a can, were better then dessert. To add insult we waited an extremely long time for our check, finally we got up and waited by the door to hurry the waitress along. All in all I find restaurant week a poor example for most places, although I feel they should really make an effort to capture a wider range of fans during this time, we will not be back.

    We have reso’s at 68 Kate and Zenkichi later this week. I wanted to stop in at chestnut after Korhogo last night but it was closed. The crave menu didn’t seem extra special to me either. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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      Just back from Applewood. As other's have remarked, the choices on the $23 menu aren't that exciting...(its available on their website so I won't repeat here.) However, everything was quite solid and as always, the level of service was absolutely professional and warm, despite the madhouse Dine-in-Brooklyn atmosphere. They were solidly packed with many people trying to get walk-in tables (and some were being accommodated.)

      We both had the soup (tonight's was butternut squash with a jalapeno salsa...which was delicious), the roast duck breast, and one each of the desserts--cherry rice pudding and apple/quince crisp. All was up to their usual standards and portion size was their usual (which I always find a tad small, as others have remarked...but the quality is impeccable.)

      One nice touch was that they had two special wine selections--one red and one white--also priced at $23 which is by far cheaper than any other wine on their usual list. We had the Nero d'avola which they usually charge $34 for (I know this because the waitress mistakenly first charged us the usual price.) So that made for a very reasonable and yummy 3 course meal, concluding as they always do with some gratis truffles and candied nuts.

    2. I went to Lunetta with my girlfriend and my sister tonight. It was very, very disappointing. First off, the service was borderline insulting. My reservation for 3 somehow became a reservation for 2, and the hostess was completely rude and unaccommodating. The portions were small (tiny), and the dishes were uninspiring. The women started off with ricotta bruschetta (2 small pieces), and I had an arugula w. hazelnut salad. Both were nice, but nothing special. For the entree, my sis and I had the meatballs, and my vegetarian girlfriend had a pasta w/ broccoli rabe pesto. Her pasta was cold, and the serving was less than 1/2 the size of a normal pasta serving at Frankie's-type establishment. Meatballs were tasty, but again, portions were a joke. A large, caveman style bowl deceivingly housed 3 meatballs which were slightly smaller than golf balls. Meh. Dessert was nice, but not redeeming. I had a flourless chocolate cake and the women had panna cotta. In between courses, a waitress dropped a plate of panna cotta right on my sister's jacket. I thought she'd at least offer to have it dry cleaned, but it seems she was more intent on grabbing another plate of dessert (for another table) than properly handling the situation.

      I will certainly not be returning. I think restaurant week should be treated as an opportunity to lure in future business, not turn it awy.

      Funny thing is, we were both hungry following dinner, so we stopped by Red Rose to grab a rice ball, to go. After amicably complaining/shooting the breeze w/ the owner about our experience, and the state of DIB, he decided to give us the food for free. Just goes to show, some places overcharge you for small plates food and will be jerks about it the whole time, and others will literally give away filling portions and treat you like family.

      1. I also went to Ici and it was great. The garlic potato soup was heavenly. They were offering a dish of pork shoulder w/ creamy grits and mustard greens as well as a sea bass dish. I had the pork and my friend had the sea bass and both dishes were excellent. Portions were good and service as well. The dessert was the only thing I was a little dissapointed in. I think the chocolate tart may have been refrigerated overnight so it was a bit hard and had that vague "fridge" flavor that foods pick up when not properly covered. But all in all, a very good restauraunt week meal.