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Mar 24, 2008 05:26 PM


was planning on going today.
left Deep Ellum around 5pm-ish and saw the grates down and a sign in the window. couldn't read what it said but i immediately consoled myself with oysters and steak tartare at Grille 23.


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  1. Sorry ScubaSteve. I would have thought your plan for dinner was flawless... beat the rush...I passed Gitlo's on my way home from work and also saw the grates down. I too was surprised. We happened to get stuck at the light right in front of the restaurant so I was able to read the sign which said something along the lines of "we are sold out of food" and "we are closed for the day" It also said they would be open again tomorrow.

    Man, I hope they get their act together. I will be so sad if my first dumpling was my last.

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      1. re: heypielady

        okay, see, back in December and January, we were worried because it was so slow, and we were scared he wouldn't survive. Now they're selling out of a day's worth of food by five p.m.!

        Of the two, this one is the GOOD kind of problem to have!

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          The news is worse than this. I was there at 11:00am on Monday and they were closed all day with the sign: "Sorry, totally sold out, will reopen on Tues March 25. I'm sure they will adjust to the post-review rush but the weekend must have been a zoo.

      2. Went to Gitlos for the first time last week and liked it. Not your typical Dim Sum restaurant, no carts and small selection. What they dd serve is very tasty though and FRESH, Plan on waiting a little bit, since evrything is cooked to order.

        1. FYI it was closed when I drove by after work again last night around 6. The grate was down over the window but not the door. The neon "open" sign was off and the door had a note I couldn't read from the car and a closed sign.

          1. They were closed Monday and Tuesday because they ran out of a lot of things during the weekend rush. They were open Wedensday, but they were still out of some things.