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Mar 24, 2008 05:14 PM

Ethiopian w/Gluten-free Injera?

Does anyone have a rec for a GOOD Ethiopian restaurant that makes authentic 100% teff injera bread? We'll be a largish group with one toddler in tow. Gluten Free Girl mentions Meskemer on 65th, but I'd like a review or other recs.


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  1. I'm actually pretty sure that Meskerem does not do injera with pure teff. (I've asked.) Most places actually use wheat, since teff is much more expensive and hard to find in the US. The few places that use teff mix it with wheat. So please be careful if you try it at a restaurant!

    1. Ghenet Restaurant; if you call a day ahead, they will prepare the gluten free injera for you.
      284 Mulberry Street (1/4 block south of Houston)