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Mar 24, 2008 04:29 PM

Cornmeal Crust Pizza

I just saw a topic about cracker crust pizza, which reminded me that there is an amazing place in Arcadia called Zelos and they have the best pizza I have ever had .....the corn and carmelized onion pizza is to die for! They have riduculously good salds too, and my husband loves the calzones. It's kind of a little hole in the wall, so if you are after this place for a different occasion.

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  1. try Masa in Echo Park as well if you don't want to drive all that way...

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    1. re: Emme

      After having Masa's... Zelos is indeed worth the drive...


      1. re: Dommy

        Could not agree more. Zelo's is in it's own league -- Masa does not deserve mention in this category -- way overrated!

    2. Here's a good thread. I too love the Cornmeal Crust but all the places on the thread seem very far away. El Jefe is scared to cross the 405.

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        I am cracking up from reading the thread El Jefe posted...someone said the service at Zelo's was rude.....let me preface my opinion by stating that the owner is "The Pizza Nazi"....not using that term to offend....just as a salute to Seinfeld. When I was new in town, I went to Zelo's to pick up some take out, and had ordered my beet saad( to die for) with the dressing on the side, as we were not planning on eating for a few hours and didn't want soggy. When I got there, my salad was dressed, and the owner stated...."she will take the salad the way we make the salad".....I was horrified, but you know what....I took the salad. The bottom line is, that we ended up being such regulars,that he knows my husband by name and he's right....I'll pretty much take anything from that place however he gives it to me!

        Zelo's is the best.....if you won't cross the 405, I guess that leaves more for me!

        1. re: jmulheim

          ....And those like us that dare... ;)


        2. re: ElJeffe

          Crossing the 405 is dangerous. ElJeffe should try an underpass for a change.

          How is a cornmeal crust made, BTW? Corn has no gluten, so I'd think the crust would be crumbly, like corn bread. Obviously pizza wouldn't work like that, so there must be another answer. Big tortilla de maiz? Enlightenment, please.

          1. re: Akitist

            The recipe I used once for cornmeal pizza crust was just a good basic wheat-flour sponge with cornmeal worked in. Don't have the recipe (and this ain't the Home Cooking Board!), but it shouldn't be hard to find. Anyway, it was dead easy even for a non-dough person like me to make and work with, so I'd think someone with better chops could make a stunning one. Now I just have to remember them next time my diet has an opening for pizza...

        3. The most underrated part of Zelo is the calzone.

          1. This place is very good--worth a bump a month later and a drive from L.A. I won't claim it's the best pizza I have ever had, but I won't deny it either. I too think the salads--at least the beet salad--are very yummy. I keep reminiscing about the deliciousness.

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              1. re: Selter Head

                Take and bake prepared pizzas, or just the crust?

            1. There was talk last year of Two Boots Pizza from NYC opening up a branch in Echo Park, although I haven't heard any news of its progress. They use cornmeal on their crust. Anyone have an update?

              Here's the thread: