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Mar 24, 2008 04:25 PM

lemon juice in place of zest?

can I substitute lemon juice for zest? if so, how much would I use (per say, teaspoon of zest)?

I just don't really like the texture of zest (this is for cupcakes).

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  1. It's a different substance - I don't think the juice would really work, as it will add more liquid, and possibly throw off the leavening that you have in the cake dough. It is a more diluted flavor than the zest. Try using the finest-grating side on your hand held grater - this will create a more mushy zest but that is fine - it'll blend into your dough better than if you finely diced it by hand. Zest has the concentrated lemon oils that the juice doesn't have.

    1. The zest contains the oil, so perhaps add a few drops of lemon oil to get the taste and fragrance without the chewy bits.

      1. I agree w/Seldomsated. I'd highly recommend you get a Microplane zester - the zest will be so fine that you shouldn't even be able to detect it in your baked goods. It adds such a nice bright flavor!

        1. You can substitute lemon extract if you find the mouth feel of zest to be objectionable. I tend to dice zest so you cannot detect it, but a micro-plane is also very effective.