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Mar 24, 2008 04:10 PM

restaurants in sicily

I am looking for restaurant recommendations in Palermo, Siracusa and Taormina. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Doesn't anyone have any ideas? If you were only going to be in Sicily for 5 days in your life where would you eat??? Any place not to be missed? Thanks!

    1. Grotto Azzure in Taormina.Spaghetti with swordfish and pasta con sarde, also great spaghetti with vongole. THere is another restaurant in Taormina that is also great for pasta and pizza but I have to try to find the name of it. Found it, it is Trochero. Have the pasta with garlic, oil and peperocino. Mama Rosa for pasta con sarde, risotto with seafood and great antipasto. In Palermo, Casa Del Brodo on Emanuel, just past Via Roma and the Vucceria. Have the calamaretti, risotto w/mare and spaghetti with vongole.

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      1. You don't say when you'll be going - we'll be in Sicily in September. I hope you'll post your restaurant findings (an anything else food-related) when you get back. I'd love some tips.

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          we're going in two weeks and I will definitely post when we return

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            Have a fantastic trip. I look forward to reading your report. We haven't made many plans beyond arriving in Palermo and renting a car, so we're open to anything and everything.

        2. Sant'Andrea, Oinoz, Vicolo Stretto.

          One in each town! Details of all of them should be on my previous Sicily posts. Sant'Andrea is reason enough to go back to Palermo - that and I need a new pair of boots, mine have worn out, hmm next winter perhaps!

          Nyleve, if you make it to Modica I'd go to fattoria delle torre, and in Ragusa Locanda don serafino - their olive oil is divine. I'll be going back to both in September this year!

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          1. re: ali patts

            Thank you! Very excited. We always follow our noses and stomachs on these trips.

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              The places I mentioned would probably be described as the top end for Sicily with prices to match - just a warning! We go self catering as I love to cook and it's nice to have such good fresh ingredients, so we tend to make up for it when we eat out there!

              1. re: ali patts

                It's funny, I almost never eat out at home so when I travel I do not want to cook. But it kills me to visit markets (an obsession) and see all that incredible stuff that I can't buy because I'm not cooking. But thanks for the warning about the prices. I admit I prefer to stick with more modest restuarants, but we may do one or two splurges if it looks worthwhile.

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              Do you know the phone number for Oinoz, It's not popping up when I google it. Thanks

              1. re: goldamo

                I took one of their cards so I should have it at home, will have a look and let you know if I find it! It's been 18 months since I ate there so I guess there's always the chance that it doesn't exist anymore, will see if I can find the card. (The olive oil they use was delightful...)

                1. re: ali patts

                  Via giudecca, 69
                  96100 - Siracusa (SR) Italia

                  Tel. 0931.464900

                  I had a mooch about the www and found it, looks like it's oinos with an s not a z, they used a very silly font on their card which is why I thought to check. Sorry 'bout that.

            3. In Palermo, for lunch there's one place that's a must. It's commonly called Basile and is on the via Bara all'Olivella, a street almost directly in front of the Teatro Massimo. Grand food at a pittance. Another spot that can be inexpensive and superb for dinner (pizzas and prepared plates) is Cibus on the via Emerico Amari. Cibus also serves an excellent formal dinner in an adjoining space. It's a major import/export enterprise and wine warehouse.
              More high end and superb dining at Cavaliere di Malta and Nabucco (particularly fine) both behind the church of San Domenico on via Roma. Just ask. A bit further off is Cin-Cin off the via Liberta. Again, ask rather than plotting it out for yourself.

              Actually it's hard to strike out in Palermo but some places don't quite hit the high point for me, for example SantAndrea, again near San Domenico. Very good but not great.

              In Taormina, definitely go to La Griglia on the main drag. Al duomo (obviously, near the cathedral) is also a good bet.

              Siracusa as a town leaves me cold so I can't really suggest anything. If you ever get to Catania, go to Ai Tre Bicchieri. It's almost worth the trip for the five course fish degustation. One of the great meals of a lifetime.

              Buon' Pranzo!