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Mar 24, 2008 03:41 PM

Gauchos BBQ

Just moved to Toronto from British Columbia and we found a great spot for Brazilian BBQ. It's located at Dundas Street West and Lansdowne and it is called Gauchos BBQ.

The food is really fresh, and although it is basic Brazilian is very good! I love the place!

Oh...and the owners are super nice folks.


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  1. I was wondering about this place! Thanks for posting the info.

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    1. re: blue bike

      No worries! Actually, the grilled or spit roasted chicken are great. The grilled option is drier (Portugese style) whereas the spit roasted is juicy. It's a preference thing. The salads are good. Try the carrot/pineapple with coconut - nice and refreshing. There are lots of pork options and the Brazilian bean stew is excellent.


    2. Can't wait to try this place and finally try out Brazilian Feijoada. Hopefully, I'll eat it this weekend at Gaucho BBQ or the Brazilian Fest at Centre Island on Sunday.

      Also, any other recommendations for very casual Brazilian fast food and take-out restaurants. I just love the 'hole in the wall' cheap/good food places! ;)

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        I just tried feijoada for the first time at Gaucho's last week. It's really delicious and filling, but very salty. The beans were some of the tastiest I've ever eaten (I'm a bean freak) and strangely, the white rice that came with it was awesome, too. Normally, I avoid white rice other than sushi because I find it to be tasteless filler, but Gaucho's had great texture and a nutty flavor (added oil?).

        The greens were almost inedibly salty, which is a shame because this dish desperately needs vegetables to balance out the porky richness, but perhaps feijoada is supposed to be a very salty meal.

        The staff were extremely friendly, explaining how to eat feijoada and answering all my questions about other dishes they make.

        1. Thanks for your review. Now I don't even know if I can hold off until this weekend. I wanna go right after work now. LOL

          Actually, I better wait until the weekend just in case they don't have feijoada. Heard most Brazilian restaurants here make this national stew dish only on weekends to feed the regulars. Guess I can call them.

          edit: I just phoned them and I was right about the feijoada. They only serve it on Saturdays for $12 per person. Can't wait to have some!!! ;)

        2. i've been obsessed with this place since i moved in the area... the soups are always delicious, and chicken is always moist and juicy.
          i always end up getting the takeout family combo because of its amazing value... i was just there yesterday.

          1. I wouldn't call this Brazilian BBQ. It's a Portuguese churrasqueria. The takeout chicken's good ($9 IIRC) if recently rotisseried, dry as bones if yesterday's. Rice and sides are pretty standard — rice with frozen veggies and those little Portuguese-style potato balls.Feijoada on Saturday's just like every other Portuguese eatery in town (ie no big deal unless your partial to pig parts).

            If you lived around the corner, it'd be great for cheap meals. Live across town? Not so much.

            The place at College and Montrose is much better — Olivera something?

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            1. re: Dimbulb

              Gaucho's definitely has a Brazilian slant. They have caipirinha and picanha and their feijoada is of the Brazilian type that uses black beans and is served with farofa and orange.

              1. re: Humbucker

                Black beans are used in Rio, pink beans are used in Sao Paulo feijoada. just to clarify.

            2. I finally got around to trying Gaucho's this weekend and wow, I'm glad I did. It was definitely worth the trek out to Landsdowne.

              We had the black bean stew (Saturday's special) and a plate with grilled sirloin and sausage. Either of these would likely have fed both of us but we kept eating till it was all gone because it was so good. Rich, complex flavours. Some dishes were a tad salty but not overwhelming like some have described their experience. Just really good home cooking.

              The stew had that deep rich flavour of stewing for a long time. Several different kinds of pork falling apart in it, with soft flavourful black beans. It went really well on the fluffy white rice and the cornmeal mixture they gave us to sprinkle on it added a nice twist. It came with a pile of savoury greens, which I really appreciated. So many places don't offer nice greens at all, much less as a standard side. They were nice on their own but also worked well mixed with a bite of stew and rice, and enough of them to share with my companion and still have lots for me. The pot of stew was easily three times the size of a regular soup bowl and I'd recommend sharing it.

              The grilled sirloin was a stand-out. We asked for it medium rare and it came medium rare. It had been marinated and seasoned to bring out the meat's flavour and it was tender enough that we had no problem cutting it with a butter knife. It came with the same rice, chunky fries, black beans, a fresh salsa and a delicious sausage that I'd order on its own again. Dense, chewy and a complex blend of tastes working well together. Several hot sauces and peppers were also available to spice things up if desired.

              At $15 for the steak and sausage meal and $12 for the bean stew meal, it's a bargain and a good place to head when you want a taste of good quality meat.

              We shared everything and there was more than enough to satisfy my hearty appetite and, more to the point, my companion's. A big guy who often orders 2 entrees, he ate his fill and then some.

              Service was friendly and helpful. Both owners and a young fellow in cook's gear all seemed genuinely interested in whether we enjoyed the food, wanted anything more/different, etc. Quick to respond to requests, too. Very much the vibe of being a guest in their home.

              Bottom line, I'll be going back there regularly.