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Mar 24, 2008 03:07 PM

UFO Ice Cream Sandwichy Goodness?

ok so i've been reading up on old threads about It's It ice cream sandwiches. Unfortunately i've never had the original so bay area peeps--don't be insulted that i'm asking for UFOs. I used to work in Glendale and the lobby store in my building would sell UFOs and i'm sitting in my cube right now with a HUGE craving for that sucker.. : (

Any one know where I can find UFOs for sale at the market or wherever? I work out in Studio City and live in Monrovia so anywhere along that 134 and 210 stretch of freeway would be perfect!

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  1. That wouldn't be the lobby shop in the 400 N Brand building, would it? Because I bought a few of those there myself. :-)

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      That said, I've seen them at the 76 station on Glendale Ave & Glenoaks.

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        Haha HECK YEA! I used to look forward to my afternoon indulgences...those days are no more. : (

      2. Ha, I was just reading up on Monrovia-area ice cream shops and a place called Scoops in the Old Town area has a make-your-own UFO.

        I'm more curious about their apple fries. If they're as wickedly good as the ones I had in L.A. County Fair, my waistline's gonna be in trouble since they open yearround!

        P.S. I don't think this is related to the infamous Scoops by LA College.


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          I've tried Scoops. I think it's more the look of the shop that lures you in. I really only had an ice cream cone but it wasn't that appetizing when I saw the nice lady behind the counter grab an ice cream scooper and with her hand that had some dirty bandaids on her fingertips scooped the ice cream into the cone...the candy in the store also looked a bit old.

          1. re: sndypchez

            Awww, that's too bad -- it looked like it had a nice old-fashioned feel to it too (from the Website). Guess few places would beat the Fair Oaks Soda Fountain in that niche.


        2. Ah well, another make your own would be at Diddy Riese in Westwood, if you're ever over there.

          That said, I've seen 'em at a number of am/pm 's as well Rite-Aid and CVS freezer sections, and I believe it was the CVS at Laurel Canyon and Ventura...

          1. I've seen them at Albertson's. Also you could try flagging down your local ice cream man.

            1. A small store on Windsor and glendale in the city of Glendale. Exit the 134 at Glendale and go south until you get to Windsor. The little store will be on the right side.