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Mar 24, 2008 03:00 PM

How early for Miss Shirley's on a Saturday morn?

Can't wait to try Miss Shirley's for the first time! I'll be going with two friends--how early do we need to get there to avoid the crazy lines? Should 10 a.m. be safe?

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  1. I finally got to try Miss Shirley's at their original location in Roland Park on Cold Spring Lane. I was there on Saturday morning at about 9:45am, and there was no wait. Service is super fast.

    I got three side orders: fried green tomatoes, grits, and jalapeno smoked bacon. The green tomatoes are perfectly fried, though the drizzle of sauce is too stingy and the accompanying chow chow too sweet to make them more interesting. The grits are blander than the menu description would indicate and a surprisingly small portion. The jalapeno bacon becomes jarringly spicy after a copule of strips.

    I liked the food, but I was not as thrilled as I hoped.

    1. The wife and I have been to Miss Shirley's for brunch. We generally love it. The wait can be long though. We have waited close to an hour and arrived around 10:30AM. I believe the wife had the coconut cream stuff french toast and I had the crabcake and fried green tomato benedict. We loved it all.