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Fun Food Round-Up

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We had a few days of eating heartily then walking it off with friends. We covered lots of places that are popular / favorites / standards. We wanted vegetarian friendly, youthful, tasty food with a twist on flavor and cuisine. Here's a recap. They are all still winners.
Olive + Gourmando (croissants, brioches and sandwiches)
M sur Masson (brunch foods and fish)
Les Chocolates des Chloe (truffles for home)
La Patisserie Belge (baked goods)
La Banquise (poutines of all kinds)
DiVito et Freres (Italian sandwiches to take out)
Fairmount Bagels (hot and soft sesames)
Coco Rico (Portugese rotisserie chicken)
Camellia Sinensis (loose tea for home)
Caffe art java (espresso drinks)
Bottega (pizza and tortellini)
Barros Luco (Chilean empanadas and snacks)
Aux Vivres (vegan supper for carbo-offset credits)

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  1. Coco Rico vegetarian friendly? What, cornbread and coleslaw? Oh, who cares anyway when it tastes that good :)