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Mar 24, 2008 02:41 PM

LV-Review Journal - "Best of " results

Here it is people ... hot off the internet press .... i haven't even looked at it yet taco bell the best mexican place this year ? how about red lobster for seafood ? let's find out ....

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  1. I lived in Vegas for a few years and recall the mentality of many locals is to make believe the Strip does not exist. It's understandable with the traffic, crowds, casinos and all around craziness; many just go when people visiting want to check it out. Now that I live elsewhere and visit Vegas I see things differently.


    The hated strip that you would like to believe does not exist has turned your town into one of the country's best culinary destinations. Embrace it! It amazes me that the Review Journal's best of Vegas has almost no strip restaurants. C'mon locals, Rosemary's is a great restaurant and a local find, but does not breach the top ten in the entire town.

    I realize that most LV Review Journal readers are not Chowhounds. The staff should have enough sense to include strip restaurants in their best of being that there are multiple 4 and 5 stars venues there.

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    1. re: climberdoc

      Hey climberdoc...I -work- on The Strip..5 Days a week..It's a pain in the butt to get here, then if you remember...It's wall-to-wall traffic on The Strip. Not my idea of a great start to a expensive dinner. I -know- places like B&B, Mesa Grill, Delmonico's are millions of times better than "locals only" places, but I can't afford to eat there but maybe 2 times a year.

      Many locals (I included on this) dread going to The Strip for anything other than work. One or twice a year is doable, tho.

      FWIW, tho...I have very rarely agreed on the RJ reader's picks..Can we say "Best Italian: Olive Garden"? At least they did pick LOS for best Thai food. A rare correct answer by the masses. But...The Staff "picks" aren't much better. They really go out of their way to pick obscure places.

      Every year, I laugh at the wonderful "picks". A pretty big joke, IMHO.

      1. re: Honeychan

        IMHO (okay maybe not so humble) some of the finest restaurants in the country exist on the Strip. I realize that LVRJ is a local publication, but they are kidding themselves if they think their "staff picks" even remotely reflect the best restaurants in Vegas.
        Honeychan, I glad I'm not the only one who thinks these picks are a joke.

        1. re: climberdoc

          I know what you mean about staff picks. I've never, EVER read the list, and been compelled to eat at any of the "winning" restos. I go by word of mouth, from friends and co-workers- I get more honest answers that way!

    2. As a native Las Vegan, I know and expect to read the results of the RJ's annual with a grain (at least) of salt. Everyone who is a true local knows that the Olive Garden is not the best place in town for Italian food and that Applebees is certainly not the best pick for a family place. They do however get some things right - Metro Pizza for best pizza for example. But emphasis on some...

      Climberdoc you hit the nail on the head noting that most readers and survey answerers are not Chowhounds. They are normal people killing a Sunday afternoon filling out the time-consuming survey. Most of us Chowhounds would be far too busy cooking a gourmet meal or enjoying some of Las Vegas' finer establishments.

      I really don't forsee the RJ including the Strip places in with the local places. There are so many locals that don't even bother going down to the Strip. I would say that most don't hate the Strip, they just don't want to be bothered with all of the tourist action that happens down there. Las Vegans for the most part love tourists, they keep taxes low and help keep food on the tables of many families.

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      1. re: RebJaeBoe

        well ...i just read the list ...i've been reading the "best of " list for about 4 years now ...i was pleasantly surprised to see LOS on the list ...i agree with some of the selections and yes...some make me laugh ..i'm actually surprised there are a few i haven't tried yet ...( one day, i will try olive garden !! )

        btw - i like metro but it ain't the best ...the staff is right about grimaldi's ...or i can see an argument for settebelo's...

        happy eating !!

        1. re: kjs

          The "neverending pasta bowl" and "all you can eat salad and breadsticks" are great values. Despite that, I have not been to OG in more than ten years. I choose to pay five times as much for one-fifth the food. My how I've evolved.

          1. re: climberdoc

            Best-of restaurant lists are little more than easy circulation-builders for city newspapers. They're irresistible, as most best-of lists are. Most cities have them - though it's usually the free weekly city papers that conduct them - and they're not to be taken too seriously. It's doubtful if even the editors of the Review-Journal do. But they're fun, and they're harmless. The reason joints like the Olive Garden win their category in almost every North American city is because that's where most folks eat - because that's what they can afford. So they vote for what they know and apparently like. The best joints in town are on The Strip, of course, but if a local hasn't eaten there (because the price is something fierce), he/she doesn't vote for it. And I suspect the reason Lotus of Siam made the list this year is because it has had overwhelming universal praise from critics for a long, long time, and remarkable word of mouth from locals - all deserved - but mainly because its prices are quite reasonable. It's a true people's choice. Not too many such choices - cheap AND very good - make the list in the polls of other North American cities I've been to over the past decade or so.

            1. re: juno

              And if there were a chain of Thai restaurants in Las Vegas, it would win for "Best Thai," because so many more readers would have exposure to it. I think the Best of lists are best for folks who have just moved to the city. Although the choices aren't inspired, the list will at least alert folks on the search for a sandwich to the notion that, for example, Capriotti's is several steps ahead of Subway, and lead them to Rocco's, which is worthy.