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Mar 24, 2008 02:35 PM

Wada Pav in NYC?

I just came back from a trip to meet the in-laws in Mumbai, and I'm wondering if there are any good spots in New York to get Wada Pav? That's the fried potato croquette-like item, on a bun, served with chutney...

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  1. Well this intrigued me since I'd never heard of it, so I did some research. One blogger says you can get them (mornings only) at

    Sukhadia's Gokul
    17 West 45th Street
    212 395-7300

    You can also find them in Jersey City at several places including:
    Rim Zim's Big Bite
    785 Newark Ave., Jersey City

    For either of those, I'd phone in advance.

    1. The best one I've had is in Jersey City. I think Rim Zim's is the place I went to. It's a very difficult item to come by in NYC, unfortunately. I ate so many of them in Mumbai and they're so cheap and delicious there!
      Good luck!

      1. Sukhadia's does indeed make them. I've asked for one at lunch time, before (not knowing it was a breakfast item), and they made it for me without batting an eyelash.