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Worth the Drive? aka Destination Eats

Are there any restaurants in the dc/nova/md/b.more area that you'd drive an 1-2 hours for?

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  1. that's easy...the Inn at Little Washington! Because it's so spendy though it's really a SPECIAL occasion place but worth it!

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      Agreed. Top meal of my life thus far.

    2. A drive to Middleburg, VA is worth it just for the pulled pork sandwich at Market Salamander!
      I'm so glad you made me think of this. It's time to go again with the warmer weather!

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Isn't there still a Club LT in Laurel?

          1. re: Mister Big

            The Little Tavern in Laurel folded a while back.

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            You're kidding, right? While I have a nostalgic attraction to Little Tavern, the only one left in the Baltimore area (that I'm aware of, at least) is in the middle of an industrial area on Holabird Ave. And the food isn't really that good, it's just a nostalgia thing. Certainly not a "worth the drive" destination.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              For me, it's worth it. Certainly closer than any White Castle, and the chichi mini burgers downtown just won't cut it when I want an authentic belly bomb.

              And part of the fun is the fact that Little Tavern burgers have a guaranteed upper GI half-life of 20 minutes. You can set your watch by them. Take THAT, Matchbox burgers!

              I'm also willing to drive 45 minutes for a pizza at the original Ledo's in Langley Park. Although, since I discovered The Italian Inn in Landover Hills, their version is my current fave. Same dimensions as Ledo's but without the buttery crust; a lot like the sheet pizzas at the former Irish Pizza Pub.

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                I'm sorry to report that you won't have to make that trip anymore. The last Little Tavern (the one on Holabird Ave near Dundalk) closed yesterday afternoon.

          3. I will drive for crabs at Cantlers, crabcakes from Faidleys or Galway Bay, cheeburger cheeburger (only because the Mama also lives in Naptown). Most anything else I can find nearby in Nova.

            Oh will also drive for real pepperoni rolls and amish baked goods, but mostly I get guests from home to bring those to me.

            1. Miss Shirley's in Bmore's Roland Park area. My parents already have made the drive up from NoVa (FFX) 3 times (this month) for breakfast. Have yet to have a disappointing meal there and have yet to find a similar place in DC/NoVa.


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                This flabbergasts me. Miss Shirley's is fine, maybe good, maybe even really good. But not fantastic. And worth driving from NoVa? No way.

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                  My parents really love breakfast and are easily bored with the normal fare. Can you suggest someplace similar in DC/NoVa that serves similar food everyday (not just weekend brunch)?

                  1. re: viperlush

                    I'm sorry, I can't. All I know about DC or Northern Virginia restaurants I learned reading this board. :-) And my knowledge stems only to reading; I almost never have the opportunity to try them. Reading back I see that my post might have come across as dismissive or rude and if it did, I apologize. If your parents like Miss Shirley's (and they are certainly, certainly not alone!) then I think its great they are chowhound-y enough to seek it out. Keep at it, I say!

              2. L'Auberge Provencale (White Post, VA); Patowmack Farms (north of Leesburg)

                I still want to try Hunters Head Tavern.

                1. And I consider the Greenbrier and Nemacolin def worth the drive to eat at Hemisphere and L'Autrec, but I also expect to stay there and go to the spas.

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                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    Samos is worth the hour drive it takes for me to get there!

                  2. Duangrat's. Since moving here it's the only Thai place at which I will eat, during one of the few times I'm willing to eat out.

                    1. It's definitely worth the hour drive for me to get to Eden Center and GRAZE!

                      1. Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, MD

                        Also second the previous votes for:
                        L'Auberge Provencale in White Post, VA
                        The Inn at Little Washington

                        1. YES - for REAL BBQ I mean authentic southern BBQ, you must go to: Buzz 'N Ned's in Richmond, VA (1hour 45 min. south). It's right off I-95 (the exit for "the boulevard") and it's the real thing. I have relatives that live there so it's a once every 6 weeks hit for me - but if you really need that authentic pulled pork sandwich or ribs - it's the only place to go. Trust me on this.

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                            Beaux, is Buzz that good? I am a huge fan of Johnny Boys in LaPlata, I drive an hour plus down there fairly frequently for a half slab, not so much for pulled pork, though it is good, too. It simply has very good ribs, like Randy's, but Johnny Boys is the best I know in the area, and has been a near consensus pick on chowhound for some time.
                            Hmm... Maybe it is time for a short drive to Richmond...

                            1. re: Ziv

                              That is the place that had the Throwdown with Booby Flay isn't it? (They beat him if I recall correclty). I keep wanting to go there, but keep getting overruled when we are in Richmond :( NEXT TIME

                              1. re: ktmoomau

                                Ziv - YES it's that good. And ktmoomau, you're right they beat B.F. (for what that's worth). There's an autographed photo of Bobby and Buzz by the cash register that's signed: Thanks for kicking my A$$ - B.F. lol Whenever we go, we bring a quart back up with us for our freezer.

                          2. Another vote for Inn at Little Washington. A great experience, even if you do it just once.
                            L'Auberge is also good for food, ambience and service, closer in, but not in same class as ILW - few are.

                            1. My family and I have made the 1.5 hour roll out to Hancock, MD, to eat at Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery on many occasions. Eat, take a stroll along the Potomac and buy some baked goods to take home (raisin cookies, yum!).

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                                I really like Weaver's and their pie! I also really like Park n Dine from time to time (guilty pleasure) for something really American like chicken parmigan or something. I also really like the chicken, mac and cheese and potato wedges at the AC&T in Hagerstown right by the outlets, it is where I like to stop on my way home to Western Maryland.

                                1. re: treetop tom

                                  I wouldn't rate Weaver's as a destination place, it's not *that* good...just a good place to stop if you happen to be passing through that area.

                                  1. re: Hal Laurent

                                    Well, Hal, considering the OP asked what restaurants WE drive 1-2 hours to go to and not what restaurants Hal Laurent would drive 1-2 hours to eat at, your ratings are sort of superfluous, aren't they? The fact that my family and others just like us drive out to Weaver's on a nice weekend day disproves your assertion that it is not a "destination place." Why not give us your example rather than questioning everyone elses?

                                    1. re: treetop tom

                                      Sorry "treetop tom", I wasn't aware that your opinion was more valuable than mine.

                                2. It's funny that most of these replies are for "cheaper" food destinations. I would drive from DC to Samos without a doubt. Now that I live in Baltimore I find myself craving sandwiches from Jetties as well as a Gyro from any Moby Dick on occasions. Make the trip to Cantler's at least a couple of times during the summer.

                                  Link930: You should check out Thai Arroy in Baltimore. Really good, cheap, and BYOB.

                                  1. When I a get a serious craving for good chinese
                                    I drive to Bob's Noodle 66

                                    1. Places I have been to:
                                      Tersiguel's in Ellicott City.
                                      Antrim 1844.
                                      Probably the Chameleon Cafe.

                                      Places I'd like to try:
                                      Michael Richard Citronelle
                                      Inn at Little Washington
                                      Rays the Steaks

                                      1. I would drive for Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Vidalia in DC, of course the inn at Little Washington, and I might even drive 3 hours to wind up at the Fat Canary in Williamsburg, VA

                                        1. If I knew a place within 1-2 hours that did real Southern coconut cream pie, with lots of meringue with the coconut on top toasted, that I would drive for. People around here don't know how to make good meringue pies like that...

                                          Also will drive for Southern food and BBQ.