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Mar 24, 2008 02:25 PM

Rolled in rice - but can't call it sushi

Was at a Home and Garden Show and bought a kid-friendly Sushi maker that makes a great roll (and other shapes). Did the standard California roll and it was really easy. After trying more actual sushi recipes (super fresh, super fast), I started experimenting with "unstandard" ingredients and don't want to call it sushi and get bopped. I like the size of the roll as finger food for parties and am wondering what I should call them.

And, I am wondering if you all could suggest some more ideas for me to try.
I use the Cal-Rose rice and don't call it sushi rice because I don't always add the vinegar and suger, etc. that real sushi rice includes. And, also don't need to use the nori (dried seaweed paper)

So far, I have enjoyed rice rolls with:
(1) dried apricots, chopped pecans, raisins with a maple cream dipping sauce
(2) bacon, spinach, avocado and sharp cheddar cheese
(3) mango, avocado, red peppers, green onion with a citrus vinaigrette dipping sauce

The rice stays together in the different size rolls, but the inner ingredients kind of need to stick together enough also.

Looking forward to some of your creativity. (and, sorry in advance to the purists)

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  1. Sounds great! The "su" in sushi is vinegar (so I've been told), so if you don't add it it's not sushi! Easy peasy. Why not just call them "_____ rice rolls"?

    Try roasted asparagus inside and toasted sesame seeds outside.
    Sliced omlettes with whatever you like either cooked in (like thyme or oregano) or chives.
    Cream cheese with lox, chives, very thinly sliced onion and -- maybe -- roll in sesame seeds. I'm sure you get the reference.

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      You may want to get some ideas from Korean Kim-Bap recipes. The "Kim", I believe, stands for seaweed and like maskisushi is wrapped in seaweed, but they may give you some good ideas!

      1. How about "pseudo-shi"?
        Sausage 'n' eggs? Tuna salad? Teriyaki chicken?