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Asheville suggestions for end of April?

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I know there are many good places to eat in Asheville. Next month we plan to be there for four nights and are planning to eat at La Catarina Trattoria (for sure, we loved it the last time we were there!) and The Market Place (looks interesting for early dining). Any hounds have any suggestions?

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  1. Last time I was at Market Place it was truly a great meal. I would check it out for sure. Also I am a fan of Laughing Seed which to me gets better and better. It is a vegetarian restaurant that takes it to another level - many carnivores love it as well!

    1. You might want to do a search...there are lots of Asheville threads on the board. Some of my favs are Salsa's, Sugo, Modesto, Tupelo Honey and Doc Chey's.

      1. I'm not a big fan of Caterina's but would try Sugo, 28806 and Fig while you are here.

        1. Try 12 Bones for lunch on a weekday. Don't let the line intimidate you. ; )

          Get ribs.

          1. Don't know what the current situation is, but just before Christmas of 2006 we drove over to Charlottesville, VA and stopped for a couple of days in Asheville. We had dinner one night at the Stone House Market in Leicester (a few miles west of the city). It was absoutely terrific, and a great bargain as well. I should point out that the restaurant is VERY small -- I think it seats about 20 -- so reservations are a must. The menu was strictly a chalkboard deal with limited (but all interesting) choices based on what was fresh. The place was run by a husband and wife team. He was the chef, and she did everything else.

            If it's still there, we would go back in a heartbeat!

            1. I would strongly suggest you go to Sugo instead of La Caterina. As I recall, it is the old chef from LTC that now runs Sugo. The dining area at Sugo is much nicer, the service is excellent, and the same fresh-made pasta and house-cured meats that you saw touted on the LCT menu are in place at Sugo. Prices vary from very reasonable under $15 for pastas up to $20-ish for meat entrees. The appetizers are large portions as well and really, really good...you won't walk away hungry! I am not sure when it was that you last visited Asheville, but the general consensus around here is that, unfortunately, La Caterina has gone downhill a bit and has been replaced by the more remarkable Sugo.

              Fig is excellent bistro dining in Biltmore Village, Chorizo is a great lunch or casual dinner spot for Carli/Mex/Carribbean flavors (much better than Salsa's, IMO), Zambra is a fun wine/tapas bar, Limones is excellent Cali/Mex with a fun dining area, Rezaz is pretty consistent, and I have been hearing good things about Vigne but have not tried it. Definitely get to 12 Bones on a weekday for good BBQ and sides. Mela is also one of our favorites for a fun dining room and really good (spicy!) Indian food.

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                We were at LTC in early November, 2007, and loved it - has it changed since then?