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Anyone been to Foxtail in West Hollywood yet?

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  1. anyone? anyone?

    we wanna try it out........

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      Sorry to butt in here, but msmd310, you had posted in another topic that you had the recipe for smashed sweet potatoes. Would you mind posting that either here, or back on the original topic? I would very much appreciate it! Thanks, JS

    2. Anyone tried Foxtail yet? Antonia is kicking a** on top chef...and am curious how her restaurant is.

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        I want to know as well.

        It is sad. There hasnt been much buzz on foxtail. it sucks. Foxtail is seen as a scene first, second and third. Fourth is its cocktails, and a distant fifth would be her cooking. I really doubt SBE can really allow her to showcase her food.

        I wish she went to rustic canyon, blue velvet, or somewhere else that needed a chef but isnt known to be a scene.

      2. I went last Friday. Beautiful restaurant, though the chairs were a bit low for me. Service was great. Enjoyed the signature cocktails and the wine list was above average, with picks primarily from California. I had the lamb which was cooked properly, but under-seasoned. Our table's favorites were the steak frites, which were melt-in-your-mouth truffley goodness, and the mussels which were some of the best I've had in town. The dancey dj mix may be offputting for some, but we had a great time.

        1. Here is my report:
          Can cross this one off my To Dine list...finally got to try Foxtail and although it was good, it didn't really "wow" me, I regret to report. Maybe it was all of the hype surrounding this latest offering from SBE, combined with my high expectations, but not sure this is a restaurant I'll be rushing back to. What I did love was the d├ęcor...a little bit art deco, a little bit art nouveau...it was refreshing, actually, to see a place that wasn't all strong lines and monochromatic, neutral colors. Everything is so "contemporary" lately it's nice that Foxtail chose to go a different direction. Also, their chef, Antonia Lofaso, is a contestant on the current installment of Bravo's Top Chef and happened to be there in her chef's whites (she was actually cooking!) last night, which was exciting.
          We started with a Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, which was very good; exhibiting flavors of black cherry, strong tannins, and a bit of spice. This was probably my favorite component of the meal.
          Food-wise, I ordered the Frisee Salad with chanterelles, bacon, and poached egg, which is Foxtail's take on my beloved Frisee aux Lardons. I always order this item if offered and this version was nothing short of forgettable. I barely remember tasting anything...the dressing was under-seasoned and the egg was over-poached. On the other hand, my dining companion ordered the Burrata Panzanella with Tuscan bread, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and olives. I've never had a dish with Burrata that I didn't like...and this one was no exception. The burrata was fresh and buttery and the flavor of the roasted peppers and tomatoes complimented it well. It was good.
          Our mains (which arrived only after our server asked us if we wanted to see a dessert menu), were as follows: I ordered the Seared Big Eye Tuna "Nicoise" with Haricot Verts, Artichokes, and roasted peppers. My DC ordered the special of the evening which was a risotto with crab and squash blossoms. Both decent...better than both of the appetizers we sampled, for sure. The tuna was well-seasoned and nicely seared, and the risotto was flavorful, with a hint of sweetness.
          To finish we ordered the Chocolate Bread Pudding, which was a decent version served with a tiny pitcher of Creme Anglaise on the side to pour at your discretion. The cubes of bread were arranged in a way that allowed for some of the pieces to maintain their crispness while others were soft from soaking up the sauce. It was a little bit on the sweet side for me...I usually prefer a more bittersweet, intense chocolate flavor to dominate, but overall not bad.
          I can't put my finger on exactly why I wasn't crazy about any of the aforementioned dishes...the ingredients were seemingly fresh and plated nicely, the flavor was (mostly) there, but nothing really stood out enough to be excited about.
          I do have to mention that we had a lovely waitress though. She was very, very sweet and accommodating, although maybe a little a "green" when it comes to waitressing, which I can't hold against her. Not a hint of attitude and actually made us feel like she was happy to see us, which is rare enough these days to warrant a mention here. Also, the restaurant wasn't packed by any means. There were a few other tables, but it was surprisingly quiet inside. Granted, it was a Tuesday, but usually with SBE venues this doesn't make any difference. Wonder why they are so tough with their reservation policy?
          Like I said earlier, I don't think I'll be returning to Foxtail any time soon, but I'm certainly glad that I had the opportunity to try it.

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            Foodiegt - would you recommend it as an after-work kind of place? I work right near by but am anxious its a bit fancy for me and my casual/rowdy co-workers...

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              Racheln, I'm not sure if it would be a good after-work type of spot. The bar isn't really conducive to people sitting just to have some drinks (it's kind of small...only a few seats)...it was more of a "walk up and order" kind of bar. It seems to be more of a late-night spot, but you can always try it and see. I have a feeling they'd still be a little tough at the door regardless of how dead it is inside at that early hour.
              Some other suggestions if you work in the area: Murano on Melrose, just east of Doheny, has a happy hour thing going on, and Melrose Bar & Grill has a nice, laid-back (and big!) bar area that could be fun and easy after work. Both in walking distance from Foxtail. Hope that helps!

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                I definitely agree with foodieqt, the space is more of a night club type of spot than a great after work drink spot. I would disagree with foodieqt on the overall food experience. I had a delightful meal and would definitely return.

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                I think they are trying to attract the afterwork crowd because they have a deal on weeknights now where house cocktails and appetizers are all $9 from 5:30-7:30.

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                  lol, it's sad when a $9 cocktail or appetizer is considered a deal. ;-)

            2. I had an enjoyable business dinner at Foxtail this week. It has a brasserie menu but with an art noveau decor and a clubby vibe. As previously mentioned, the seating is a bit low. Also, it was noteworthy as to how loud this place became when only about half-full. They may need to find a place for some fabrics to fit in among the glass and other smooth surfaces.

              Quite frankly, I am not sure Foxtail knows exactly what it wants to be. If it is serious about food and being a restaurant then it needs to get a slightly more serious waitstaff. However, if it wants to be Hyde Brasserie, then the eye candy on the floor are more than adequate.

              The timing is a bit off - the amuse came out as we were about 2/3 through our apps. The cocktails were truly inspired, not the treacle some places try to pass off as drinks. WIne list was fine, not lengthy at all but there are some decent choices to be made. The sommelier was dressed like a gangster and was pushing a cart so people could look at the wines (a la a cheese or desert cart) which I find odd. The coffee was excellent. All in all a fine place, especially if you are not the one picking up the tab, because it could really get pricey, especially, with a few drinks. That said, I would return for cocktails certainly and possibly another dinner - but I won't be rushing back for the food.

              9077 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

              1. Great experience at Foxtail last night. Antonia Lofaso is my favorite from this season's Top Chef, so maybe I am a little star struck, but I really enjoyed the food and the experience. She was in the kitchen last night and came out briefly (with her daughter) which was great. Though the reviews have been mixed, I must say that I thought the food was fantastic. Here is what we had:
                Burrata Panzanella (Burrata over Tuscan Bread, Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers and Olives). I always like Burrata but the dish as a whole was not my first choice to order until every review I read mentioned it. I can see why - it's incredibly well done - layered, full of flavor, but also light.
                Tagliatelle with White Truffles - this was a special and the server recommended it. It is the best pasta I've had in a long time. The sauce was creamy, but not heavy. The truffles added great flavor and the pasta was perfect.
                Steak Frites - This is supposed to be "the dish to have" at Foxtail and, while my girlfriend didn't love the egg/steak combination, I love that combination and thought the dish was fantastic. There is a hint of black truffle, as well, and the shoestring fries were great and garlicky. The steak was perfectly cooked (if I recall she did well with the tomahawks, even if Spike won.)
                Also, we had two cocktails, both of which were great - Blackberry Maverick and a Kiwi Mojito. All of the reviews have talked about how good the cocktails there are and I agree.

                We didn't have the chance to have desert, but I'm definitely planning to go back. The food is fantastic and I liked the decor a lot. I didn't LOVE the seats (they are kind of stool-like) but the color and mood is nice. Also, the wait staff and was extremely attentive and knowledgeable.

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                  How did you get white truffles during this time of the year? White truffle season runs from late fall to early winter, so I'm curious as to what they put in your tagliatelle. Perhaps summer truffle? If you don't mind me asking, how much was the dish?

                  I don't want to come off as a food snob (honestly); I just get irked sometimes when chefs mark up the price of their dishes for summer truffle, which I find to be practically flavorless and not really worth paying for. Hopefully your perfectly cooked pasta was well worth the price.

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                    they are, in fact, summer truffles, not white truffles and I agree with you that summer truffles are lackluster, relatively speaking.

                2. I went last night and loved it. Great cocktails, wonderful service, beautiful atmosphere. Ordered a few appetizers including, one featuring lobster (cant remember the other) and sea scallops as a main dish, which was surprisingly good. Good wines too. I'd def recommend

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                    Sounds like I ordered wrong or Foxtail was having an off night when I went. I went on Saturday night and was disappointed. The burrata was delicious, but the steak frites came out undercooked, and a bit too tepid for my taste. Also the egg was completely cooked through, no soft happy yolk. The drinks and the dessert were both tasty. But I wouldn't go back unless they worked out the kinks with the food. Weh. So sad for me because I wanted to love it...