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Mar 24, 2008 01:57 PM

Upscale Mexican Laguna/ Newport Beach

Any ideas of where I could take some very good clients to high end mexican place in this area? Im from out of town and have no clue...


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I agree that posting on the LA board would be best, but in the meantime, I would strongly suggest :
      Taco Rosa in Newport Beach
      2632 San Miguel Dr
      (949) 720-0980
      See menu at
      I would say the food is upscale, but the decor and ordering is not sauve and sophisticated. It is very well done Mexican cantina decor. It is very clean, very friendly and professional. It is in a neighborhood strip mall anchored by a grocery store at the base of Spyglass Hill, but don't let that fool you. It is most excellent.

      I enjoy the salmon enchilada or lagosta enchilada in the tequila lime cream sauce And, I enjoy the chile relleno. I am sure you and your guests will be very happy with their food. It is not your standard "Mexican" menu, but a very authentic mix of pre-Columbian, Spanish, French, Southwestern, and Oaxacan. Full bar, too.

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      1. re: kc girl

        Oh, here's the link to the map (kind of hard to find)

        It is just off the 73 (toll road) at Bonita Canyon
        (Bonita Canyon also intersects at MacArthur Blvd
        )See Mapquest at

        Taco Rosa is in the corner of the stores. Park in front of the bank or closer.

      2. I like Taco Rosa a lot, but I would take them to Javiers at the Crystal Cove Promenade "in between" Newport and Laguna, in a beautiful center overlooking the ocean.

        1. Definitely Javier's. The new location in Newport Coast is beautiful and very upscale for Mexican.

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          1. re: Samantha

            Thanks guys, Javiers's looks like just what the Doctor ordered!! i'll report back....

            1. re: Cpalms

              MAKE RESERVATIONS!! This place is packing them if from open to close. Some of my friends said the wait it two hours without them.

              1. re: cdmedici

                If at all possible avoid Thursday evening and the weekends. Because the place is new, it is a zoo during peak hours. Go on Monday thru Thursday noon, and do reserve!

                1. re: josephnl

                  Does anybody have a report on Kantina on the Newport Peninsula? It occupies the old "Hooters" location on the East side of Lido Ave. I seem to remember reading something about Ribeye Fajitas and what not and the pics I've seen of the view from the upper patio look amazing.

                  R. Jason Coulston

                  1. re: Jason_Coulston

                    I heard that Kantina closed down a few months ago.

                    1. re: I got nothin

                      Man, I'm usually up on all the openings and closings in the area. I'll keep my eyes open when I'm back down there to see if anything else is slated to go in.

                      R. Jason Coulston