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Mar 24, 2008 01:56 PM

sticky black rice available in austin?

i want to try making black rice pudding for dessert the next time i attempt to make thai food. anyone know where to get this ingredient in town, if there is anywhere? I looked online and shipping makes it prohibitively pricey.

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  1. I have a bag that I must have purchased at Central Market. I say "must" because it has an "HEB" brand, but I don't think it came from one of those, unless it was the one at Hancock center where I often shop.

    1. Super Target actually sells it under their Anchor Harvest (not sure about that, Anchor Farms, maybe?) label. It comes in a plastic bottle. HEB stocks a lot of specialty rices in pouch-type bags under their own label, so I'd check them out, too. The Hancock location would probably stock it, as even my E. Riverside location carries arborio and other more obscure varieties.

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        Whole Foods carries black rice - which is also known as forbidden rice. Not certain if this is what you were looking for!

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          i guess that's not what i'm looking for (i'd bought a package hoping it was) because it's non-glutinous, and i believe sticky rice implies that it must be glutinous. now i will use the forbidden rice to make a black rice and white beans dish... a spin on the usual other way around! i did find purple sticky rice in the bulk bin at central market, so i'm going to try making sticky purple rice pudding. i think it's essentially the same as black rice... no?

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            You'll get good results with the forbidden rice, if a bit different. A lot of recipes allow you to switch between the two because, evidently, thai sticky black rice is harder to find.

            Here are 3 recipes that support this

            I made something like the last one using the rice from Target. It came out very well.

      2. Saw it in the bulk aisle at Wheatsville today.

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          And I saw the HEB brand pouch at E Riverside today. They called it China black rice (or black China rice).