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Easy side dish to serve with sushi?

I'm going to a sushi-making party at a friend's house. She's also going to barbecue some teriyaki beef and chicken, and I'm sure she'll be supplying edamame and rice. I'd like to volunteer to bring a side dish, but I'm not sure what would work best with this meal. Someone else is doing dessert, so that's out for me. Thanks for any ideas!

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      I think one of the nicest varieties of seaweed is hijiki


      And here's a nice sounding recipe:


    2. I"ve been making this fantastic cole slaw, that originally asks for turkey but I've done it with shrimp and it's fantastic, I think crab would be nice too but haven't tried it. Easy to eat with chop sticks too. If that appeals, I'll shoot the recipe over.


      smoked salmon thin pizza with cream cheese or ricotta, red onions, capers, smoked salmon, dill and lemon juice.

      1. How about a cucumber salad? Sliced cucumber (salted and drained), a little seaweed, rice wine vinegar, pinch of sugar. I make this all the time. Just google japanese cucumber salad and a bunch of recipes come up.

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          Second this, especially since grilled items are on the menu. The cuke salad is so very refreshing and appropriate, flavor-wise... and has a do-ahead bonus.


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            I love this--with pickling cucumbers and let it sit.

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                the sunomono cucumber salad is a good idea...another cucumber salad you may want to consider is some thinly sliced cucumbers (salted and drained) mixed w/ some shredded surimi and a couple heaping tablespoons of kewpie mayonnaise...super simple, but i love it. :o)

              2. What about some sort of wontons? I made some recently and filled with sauteed savoy cabbage and bean sprouts (sauce - mix of oyster sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce). You could also add baby shrimp/chopped shrimp or beef/pork. I baked mine in the oven, but I'm sure you could saute or fry them.

                1. How about a nice salad (julliene or chiffonade cuts on everything) of Napa cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, green onions, small amount of ginger, very small amount of fresh basil (chiffonade) in a honey mustard vinaigrette (Annie's is one in a bottle that is good). It's got staying power.

                  Or, stir fry with Bok Choy, sugar snap peas, green beans in a light black sauce.

                  At any rate, I would suggest a vegetable side, but something light and fresh, not too much garlic.

                  1. one of my favorite restaurants serves an asparagus ohitashi that is fantastic

                    1. Japanese salads: cucumber in shoyu and lime juice; grated carrot and daikon in sugar-vinegar; blanched spinach w/ shoyu and sesame seeds; pressed Japanese eggplant coins in vinegar, sugar, and chile.

                      Miso shiro w/ fish and shiitakes.

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                        Sam, can you share the method for the pressed Japanese eggplant coins? Grilled? It sounds wonderful. Cay

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                          Just slice up the egplant, place in bowl, salt quite heavily, press with dinner plate and weight (I use a plastic storage tub filled with water), when reduced way down---squeeze out all the salty water. Here you might be able to grill. I then simply make instant pickles by pouring over a brought-to-a-boil mix of sugar, vinegar, and chile flakes or powder. Serve chilled--nice and crunchy!

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                            Y'know, I never thought of serving eggplant raw, but this sounds like a go for us (never too many pickles..). You use the slender eggplants, I assume - have you tried this with the round green Thai eggplants that we see a lot of in the summer?

                            Ugh, now I am crazier than ever about summer markets to open!


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                              I use Japanese/slender when I can get them, thinner globe types when I can't. There are no Thai eggplant here.

                      2. While I'd prefer the salads as mentioned, another possibility is to add some soba noodles to the salads.

                        If you don't mind going to a different cuisine, some tabouli might be good. Go with more mint than usual, and more bulghur as well (to moderate the strength of the parsley).

                        1. Cold sesame peanut butter noodles.

                          1. always love chilled or warm steamed spinach w/ ponzu or another sauce if you prefer.

                            1. I would go with either spincah - perhaps Gomae -

                              1. you need a sweet or a sour and jfood leans towards a sour as a side for sushi. Si he agrees with everyone who posted on a seaweed or cucumber salad (with vinegar).

                                1. I make an "Asian Coleslaw" with shredded cabbage, seasoned rice vinegar, grated fresh ginger (actually, I'm lazy and use the Ginger People's Ginger Juice), toasted sesame seeds and sometimes sesame oil. If you use coleslaw mix it takes all of 2 minutes to make and goes very well with Japanese food.

                                  1. Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce. I usually serve this in addition to miso soup when making sushi.

                                    1. is lightly steamed (and heavily salted) edamame too snacky? maybe more of an appetizer/bar treat. still green and good.