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Mar 24, 2008 01:42 PM

Gaithersburg - near Wyndham Garden

Some of my business colleagues are staying at the Wyndham Garden on Russell Ave in Gaithersburg later this week. Since I'm the resident chowhound, I'm posting to see if there are any good dining options in the area - preferably close to the hotel. They will have a car. One of them requested a good martini bar and some crab, but otherwise they are open to suggestions. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be traveling this time so I will have to live vicariously through them on this adventure. Any suggestions? I'll try and coerce them into giving a dining report.

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  1. I think Tandoori Nights in Kentlands is pretty good Indian. It is quite different from the typical sparse decor / understated typical frumpy Indian spot with good food. A more lively atmosphere with a bar focused on fancy Martinis. None the less, food is quite good. I really like the prawn appetizer, followed with Tandoori Salmon. Add an extra side of Dal Makhani & naan, and you have a great meal for a moderate price.

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      Hopefully this isn't too late:

      The Wyndam is tucked behind a fire station and across from Lakeforest Mall. There are the usual chains including a Silver Diner for mall eats.

      I was wondering where to send someone for a good, classic Martini in that part of the county and Tandoori Nights might work. It's not a hipster lounge so avoid the curbside appeal of the Zodiac Lounge at the other end of the block from Tandoori Nights. Website:
      Their website also has information/directions on their other location in the Clarendon neighborhood in Virginia.

      Also in the Kentlands area a few blocks from Tandoori Nights is a Bonefish Grill -- a respectable chain with a nice bar area. If your colleague is looking for a non-classic Apple-tini, I think they'd need to go into Washington.

      Their hotel is equidistant from two beer-centric pubs. One is owned by the Dogfish Head folks, but brings their beer in from their home base in Delaware:

      Growlers brews on-site and is located in "Olde Town" Gaithersburg across from the century old train station:

      I prefer the beer at Doghead and the food at Growlers.

      For Crabs -- I'm not sure if they're looking for crabcakes or the whole steamed crabs, the little wooden hammers and bibs.

      For Crabcakes: Bobby's CrabCakes in downtown Rockville (about 10 miles south) - they also have Lobster Rolls. See discussion here:
      and Parking Map here:

      For Hardshell Crabs with hammers -- local crabbing season just started in Virginia and doesn't start in Maryland until next week. But if your group wants to go to the same place where Giada ate hardshells during her DC weekend getaway on Food Network [maybe call before they drive]:

      Dancing Crab on Wisconsin Avenue about 18 miles south of the hotel and about a half mile inside DC:


    2. La Flor de la Canela, which is probably about five minutes away from them. Best Peruvian around and lovely atmosphere. I'll bet they make a good pisco sour, although I've never had.

      1. Flor de la Canela makes a mean pisco sour...yum! Their ceviche is really good too.
        Just thinking of their lomo saltado makes my mouth water.
        They used to include the tip on the bill and not mention it's inclusion, so keep an eye out.
        Italian Pines for super tasty, reasonably priced italian, best eggplant parm in town , love the pizza and most any of the pasta dishes (very mom and pop but darn tasty) no martinis here... okay beer/wine selection.
        Roy's place is a g-burg tradition 200+ sandwiches (awesome crabcake sandwich...fall off the bun jumbo lump delish!!)with a sense of humor. Terrific selection of beers, full bar. Quirky place but fun and very "local".
        Bonefish Grill in Kentlands is terrific for seafood,nice ambiance, love the food, love the service, excellent martinis!
        Red Rock Canyon at the rio, makes for a scenic stop and the food is good, excellent martinis, there is always a wait.
        Happy Dining.