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Mar 24, 2008 01:13 PM

Mexican place in Hyde Park?

I noticed a sign for a Mexican place in a strip mall on 9G (between Haviland Rd. and the East Park light, on the east side of the street) but didn't have time to stop and investigate. Google reveals nothing. Anybody know the deal?

I don't get over there very often, otherwise I would just go and check it out for myself.

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  1. i ate there last summer. i believe it's called el mariachi. small, authentic, with the usual mexican groceries available as well. i think it's worth a try.

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        My Mom lives in the area and she misses the Mexican food of her Southern California youth. I'll notify her.

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          No problem, glad I can help! The menu looks good, I'll try to get there one day myself!

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            Followup: we had lunch there and it was quite decent. It's basically a small grocery with a handful of tables. I wouldn't consider it a "destination restaurant" by any means, but if you happen to be in HP and have a hankering for Mexican food, it's definitely worth a visit.