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Dallas Late-night Dining

It seems none of the local publications list a late-night dining category (that I can find), so I thought I would pose the question here.

I enjoy going to dinner after attending various performances and events instead of rushing around to dine beforehand, but Dallas seems to be very short on late-night dining venues. Most establishments with late hours are usually extremely casual such as Snookies and Buzzbrews (and I like both of them), but are there any places that are a little more upscale to dine? Rise No.1 lists Friday and Saturday hours until midnight, so I'm looking forward to trying them out when the early buzz dies down a bit (and I live very close to Inwood Village). Anybody have favorites with serving hours in the 10 PM to midnight (or later) timeframe? Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Brazil. Several locations are open 24 hours on weekends.


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      Based on the post, I think Cafe Brazil might be the kind of place BluffViewChound is trying to avoid.

      Nandina on Lowest Greenville is decent enough Thai Fusion/Sushi and it's open late, late, late.

      Avanti on McKinney Avenue is open quite late Thursday - Saturday and it's quite good.

      Sambuca Uptown is open quite late, but I don't know if they do a full menu.

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        While I like Cafe Brazil, that's the type of place I'm tired of going to after an evening function. Depending on the event, I sometimes feel way overdressed. Nandina and Avanti sound like great options. Thanks!

    2. La Cubanita on Mckinney @ Knox is open till 2 or 3 am.

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        There are a number of restaurants (all part of the consilient group) on Henderson that are open late on weekends:
        The Porch - 12 AM,
        Cuba Libre - 1 AM
        Hibiscus - 11 PM (Monday through Sat)
        Fireside Pies - 12 AM

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          I had no clue those were open that late. Great suggestions for BluffViewChound or anyone else looking for atmosphere plus decent enough food!

      2. Kenny's Wood Fired Grill

        It's a bit north (Beltline and the Tollway). However, the food is really good and it's open until 1:30am on the weekends).

        1. For sushi, Teppo is open until 11 and Tei Tei is open until 11 as well. However, I think they usually stay open later on the weekends because I went to Teppo on a Saturday at 10.30 several weeks ago and it was still pretty crowded when we left an hour later.

          The Grape is also open until 11.

          I don't know the hours for Shinsei, but, since you live in that area, it might be worth checking out.

          1. I believe Sushiyama is open until 2 am. If you want a late night bento fix, they are pretty good.

            1. I have to second the idea of Avanti. Good food and you won't feel overdressed. I think they're even open until 3:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday's. Of course, by that time I'm about ready for breakfast!

              Sangria's Tapas y Bar is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. I haven't been yet, but it's on my list. Brunch there looks good...

              1. I gave Rise No. 1 a try late Saturday night. We arrived at 11:20 after attending a performance at the Bass Hall in Ft. Worth. There were several tables of people in there and the atmosphere was lovely. It's casual and inviting and you will feel comfortable in there with a jacket on or in jeans. Enjoyed wonderful salads, savory and sweet souffles and a bottle of wine. Walked out of there a little before 1 AM. It was GREAT and we got to chat with the chef and several members of the staff.

                With the tips on this thread and some additional research on my part, I'm putting together a listing of late-night places with phone numbers, addresses and hours to have in both my cars for those last minute decisions to satisfy the craving and atmosphere we are in the mood for after a night on the town. Thanks all!