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Mar 24, 2008 12:48 PM

Dallas Late-night Dining

It seems none of the local publications list a late-night dining category (that I can find), so I thought I would pose the question here.

I enjoy going to dinner after attending various performances and events instead of rushing around to dine beforehand, but Dallas seems to be very short on late-night dining venues. Most establishments with late hours are usually extremely casual such as Snookies and Buzzbrews (and I like both of them), but are there any places that are a little more upscale to dine? Rise No.1 lists Friday and Saturday hours until midnight, so I'm looking forward to trying them out when the early buzz dies down a bit (and I live very close to Inwood Village). Anybody have favorites with serving hours in the 10 PM to midnight (or later) timeframe? Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Brazil. Several locations are open 24 hours on weekends.

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    1. re: Dominic

      Based on the post, I think Cafe Brazil might be the kind of place BluffViewChound is trying to avoid.

      Nandina on Lowest Greenville is decent enough Thai Fusion/Sushi and it's open late, late, late.

      Avanti on McKinney Avenue is open quite late Thursday - Saturday and it's quite good.

      Sambuca Uptown is open quite late, but I don't know if they do a full menu.

      1. re: Epicurious Esquire

        While I like Cafe Brazil, that's the type of place I'm tired of going to after an evening function. Depending on the event, I sometimes feel way overdressed. Nandina and Avanti sound like great options. Thanks!

    2. La Cubanita on Mckinney @ Knox is open till 2 or 3 am.

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        There are a number of restaurants (all part of the consilient group) on Henderson that are open late on weekends:
        The Porch - 12 AM,
        Cuba Libre - 1 AM
        Hibiscus - 11 PM (Monday through Sat)
        Fireside Pies - 12 AM

        1. re: Bhutani

          I had no clue those were open that late. Great suggestions for BluffViewChound or anyone else looking for atmosphere plus decent enough food!

      2. Kenny's Wood Fired Grill

        It's a bit north (Beltline and the Tollway). However, the food is really good and it's open until 1:30am on the weekends).

        1. For sushi, Teppo is open until 11 and Tei Tei is open until 11 as well. However, I think they usually stay open later on the weekends because I went to Teppo on a Saturday at 10.30 several weeks ago and it was still pretty crowded when we left an hour later.

          The Grape is also open until 11.

          I don't know the hours for Shinsei, but, since you live in that area, it might be worth checking out.

          1. I believe Sushiyama is open until 2 am. If you want a late night bento fix, they are pretty good.