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Mar 24, 2008 12:02 PM

Sushi Yasuda - non-omasake recs

Yasuda's bar is unfortunately all booked up tomorrow night, so we had to make normal reservations.

Anyone have any recommendations for having a great experience at the tables, since we can't do the omakase?


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  1. I've only ever eaten at a table at Yasuda, and have always had a great experience. Don't miss the peace passage oysters, or the various eels offered. I've found that our server has always guided us in the right direction, using the menu of highlighted items that day as a starting point.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I agree with MMRuth. Tell the server what your preferences are and ask him for recs. You'll still have a great time.

      I also would heartily recommend the spanish mackerel (even if you don't like it at other sushi joints). It's very different here.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        I love their spanish mackerel (sp?) - a favorite of mine generally, as it has a less strong/oil taste as compared to other mackerels, but is particularly good at Yasuda. Depending on the time of year, they also have an interesting selection of salmon, arctic char, etc. as well. And towards the end of the meal, I always ask the server "What haven't we had that you think we would like?" - has always paid off.

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          He also has the best uni I have ever tasted. He basically made me try it one time and I was an instant convert. Do not miss it even if you don't think you like urchin.

    2. I've done what pretty much amounts to omakase at the tables at Yasuda. Basically just using the waiter as a conduit between us and the sushi bar.

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        the menu circles whats recommended for the day and they mean it. that said, you should try either the santa barbara or russian uni...and the peace passage oyster.

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          I've done the same - I've just asked my server what was the best/most recommended that day.

        2. Don't forget to order from the kitchen. The fried white fish (I've had blowfish and sea bass) is excellent. So are the various miso soups and tofu appetizers. The kitchen is also very, very talented.

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            I agree - I've had a wonderful fried whole shrimp dish, as well as some others, that were certainly noteworthy, despite my inability to recall them exactly!